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  1. 8 cat+ dd, roto, redraft, 9 teams Give: Butler, Booker, JV Get: Giannis, Devonte G, Schroder Punting FT. Thoughts?
  2. 8 cat +dd, roto, redraft My: Booker+ Gallo His: Bam+ Lonzo Will punt FT. Thoughts?
  3. Nurk will have no value this season Good luck
  4. 8 cat +DD, roto, redraft, 9 team Give: Butler+ Booker Get: Drummond+ Covington+ Fournier thoughts?
  5. 8 cat+ dd, roto, redraft My Jimmy Butler+ Galliniari His D. Mitchell+ Siakam Thoughts?
  6. 8 cat+DD, roto, Redraft, 9 teams My: Booker + B.Simmons for His: Embiid+ Hield thoughts?
  7. 8 cat+ dd, roto, redraft My CJ McCollum+ Jonas Valanchunas His Wendell Carter Jr. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander Thoughts?
  8. 8 cat+ dd, roto, redraft My Booker His Collins + Lavine Thoughts?
  9. 8 cat+ DD, roto, redraft My Booker His Blake + Lavine Thoughts?
  10. 8 cat+ DD, roto, redraft. Giving: Booker + Valanchunas Getting: Embiid Thoughts?
  11. The question is if Luka continues like that
  12. 8 cat+ DD, roto, redraft. My Butler his Luka Thoughts?
  13. 8 cat+dd, roto, redraft. Give: M.Turner and Booker Get: PG13 and Middleton Thoughts?
  14. 8 cat+dd, roto, redraft. Give: M.Turner Get: D.Fox Thoughts?
  15. Thanks for helping mine. They will ease pg return, games will be missed. Stay put Good luck
  16. if stays healthy, bob cob. Please help:
  17. Thanks for helping mine. Definitely not hood, he injured his knee last game. Josh hart is really solid. Hezoja nice as well.
  18. Thanks for help. Have him as well.. stay put, he'll value back. Btw, sure you can trade him for better than fultz
  19. Trae for me. He's prob better than all the three. Please help:
  20. H2h, I'd keep ayton. Hang tight, he'll win you weeks. Please help:
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