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  1. Davis Bertans (quad) available to play Friday.
  2. Cavs just waived two spots. Is something (like a trade) going down?
  3. Wasn't Klay dad the one to stop his son from entering? He literally kept trying to stay in the game and try to make a quick recovery to get back in the next game. I think his dad said no. Also believe they confirm it after he had an MRI. Klay Thompson injury update:
  4. any update on this guy? He does not seem include in the Scott Brook talk of weeks. Who do you think will come back first Thomas Bryant or Davis Bertans?
  5. the nightmare of JJJ last season made me drop him. Also the 5 other people on my team that also got hurt. Farewell and apology that I could not hold him.
  6. I don't know but I think he has been the on the field 99-100% of plays when healthy. That might go down.
  7. Very interesting situation. New OC is the son of Norv Turner. How far does the apple fall from the tree? Also would they lighten up CMC load now that the season is over? But they also lost Greg Olsen their Tight end, so they need someone for short gains. I have no idea what would happen.
  8. Bone bruise plus sprain? How bad is that? How long does that take to recover?