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  1. Can you kick all the people that you invited that haven't joined yet? so more people can join
  2. Hi, Whenever this league is filled we will draft Please pay the league safe dues and join the link below. Payouts are: 1st Place:$400 2nd Place: $150 3rd Place: $50 PM me here if you have any questions! https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1/1060174/invitation?key=7ec740a12da492c4&soc_trk=lnk&ikey=cfc6c570a472552a https://www.leaguesafe.com/join/3912930
  3. No i paid already... go on league safe i paid through my email andrewbui1993@yahoo.com but my account on the league is Scott Bui or SBUI
  4. my name in the league is Scott Bui so there isn't any confusion haha and my payment was Abui15