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  1. Bump. Still concerned about tight end between gates and Witten, also the rb3 spot either Duke Johnson or latavius murray
  2. Keenum with Hundley at qb for GB he will get alot of offensive opportunity. If not Foles is a great option too against a bad Oakland defense
  3. Tucker. They will get their chances to score against cleveland.
  4. Don't put all your eggs in one basket, I don't completely trust juju, he relies on big plays to stay relevant and that's not enough for me, I would go with Bryant, then probably Funchess if he's healthy and dt. I would consider agholor instead of DT just due to the Brock oswieller effect that guy is soo up and down.
  5. Keenum, Ben hasn't been great on the road and Keenum will get a lot of opportunity with the GB offence going to struggle with Hundley at qb.
  6. Top team wins hands down, too many unreliable players for the bottom team including DT and k. Williams
  7. I agree with above, Gordon has a tough matchup as the Baltimore d is good, as well I would probably sit green as bad as that is Dalton is way to unreliable and he is up against Darius slay.
  8. Cam brate, you're right Ebron has been getting looks but there has been games where he has been a complete did because Stafford likes to throw to his WRs first. Brate is in a good spot with a mess of injuries around him.
  9. There is no bad option out of these guys, is this like a 6 person league how did you get all those guys lol. I would go zeke (let him feast on the bad hawks d) , McCoy (only option they have of keeping the game close) and for the other one it's a toss up between hunt (who seems to be getting more involved again) or Kamara (just due to big play opportunity and that game could be a shootout). I say go with the reliable hand and choose Kamara.
  10. I would go with NE just due to how turnover prone tyrod can be, then I would go Detroit because Andy Dalton sucks.
  11. Hello all, so I am in the championship of my league and curious as to who people think I should start. This is a deep league with alot of starting players so I'm second guessing myself alot. 1 point PPR Qb1: Cam Newton Qb2: Nick Foles Wr1: Adam Thielen Wr2: Jarvis Landry Wr3: Demaryius Thomas Wr4: Mo Sanu Rb1: Kareem hunt Rb2: Kenyan drake Rb3: Duke Johnson Jr TE: Jason Witten Flex (wr/te): Antonio Gates Def1 lion's. Def2 chargers Bench: DeSean Jackson (questionable) , Dede Westbrook, latavius Murray, Lamar Miller, DeMarco Murray, Mike Davis, marquise Goodwin. So the problem I am having is with my flex and rb3 option, as Duke Johnson has been great ppr but latavius and Lamar Miller may be better options this week. As well at flex/tight end Witten hasn't been very reliable, and gates may be good since there is no Henry. I could always pick up Cameron brate or Ben watson or Vernon Davis off waivers. Only other intriguing WRs are Eli Rodgers, Adam Humphries, Kendall Wright, Robby Anderson. Please let me know what people think. Whir!!
  12. Davis and Morris, keep Baldwin in he is their only reliable reciever week in and week out.
  13. I go with Kamara, Ingram and drake. It's a tough call forsure but gotta bench hunt.
  14. Stafford, Tate and Lac. I do not trust dak whatsoever he has been waaay to unreliable.
  15. Yea it's a really deep league. Alot of moving pieces and players to start.