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  1. Wtf Espn made him day to day so i cannot make any moves in the dynasty leagues i have him in IR How can they be that bad?
  2. He really hurts you by giving below average numbers on many cats. For example as bad as Paul George is for fg% Duncan Robinson is for rebounds, assists, steals and blocks. I'm not complaining or something, but he is more of a one trick ponny than most of the players available ranked in top100. Yes if you judge him as WW he has been great of course because he keeps you competitive almost by himself in this one category.
  3. Well this year it has been like this for 90% of the season so far. If you remove the first 7 games which were amazing he is outside top150 and those first 7 games don't help right now. He has been consistently bad with some good performances here and there. Absolutely no stocks, his 3 point shot has abandoned him and his fg% and tos are career lows. He has been a huge disappointment and at this point of the season you cannot wait for him to turn it around for much longer.
  4. The problem is his full speed is outside top100. He is a drop if your situation is tough
  5. He is inside top100 all year long and i own him in one league where i need his threes, but if you don't need threes he is useless so it's not a must own guy. If you don't need threes there is like 200 better players.
  6. Pace difference between Detroit and Washington is huge and also Casey is not the type that will give the keys to someone like McRae from day one. And there isn't many days left to earn his trust while Brown and Kennard are returning soon. I don't say don't add, just to temper expectations.
  7. These %s are not normal as he is hitting jumpers, not dunks or layups like Zion. But his role seems secure right now.
  8. Probably the first move was done by accident (I don't think so), but I'm sold.
  9. If he is out for season i guess is the most suitable end for my season as well. Owning Zion, Fox, Otto Porter, Russell, Bagley was not fun enough so I needed to trade for Oubre two days ago.
  10. Ariza's threes are way down though and not because he is missing them, he is just shooting way less. Cam has looked great lately, really encouraging.
  11. Usually the guys that get bought out leave on the table the amount they will be paid from whoever signs them. So for sure Cavs can save a small amount there, but the problem here is TT's agent said he doesn't want buy out. It's TT's side that is against it.
  12. His usage is 27 which is crazy. And his fg% is not that good. So if you were running the team you would say to those guys please make room for Naz Reid, he needs more touches? I cannot believe that.
  13. “Man, after I play Friday I’m not doing nothing until practice (next Tuesday),” Washington said Wednesday. “I knew it was going to be a lot of games. I didn’t know it would wear on my body like this. Obviously I’ve been in the training room getting my body right. But I think this break is definitely going to be good for me just getting off my feet and not worrying about basketball.” He is just tired, very tired.
  14. This guy shoots when he touches the ball, his usage is unreal. I think they need to limit his looks even more.