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  1. The moment they resigned Chriss, Spellman was done. They wouldn't resign him if they didn't want to play him.
  2. I have him in a punt ft team and he had me worried for 3 games 🙃
  3. So much for the 15th Jan debut, one week later Shams reports.
  4. He just played well so he played more minutes. And this lineup you say has led to a great record so i don't get the complaint. Don't get so invested in every player you own, especially when it is just a role player.
  5. Whatever happens for the next few games i would try to hold till trade deadline. This roster could look different and less crowded. He is playing well today btw
  6. I was thinking to drop for Spelman or Hayes yesterday, but last minute i said no f--- it. This guy is a stud and I know his fantasy game has holes, but he can have a great 2nd half with his counting stats. The steals will pick up as well.
  7. But if they get Randle i guess they start him and Doumbouya I think. Sekou will not lose playing time.
  8. It is them be extra careful. You cannot just throw him there at 100% from the day one. I still don't get why not play a healthy player and how this will benefit his future. It won't be more risky to play him now compared to next year since he is already healthy and practicing. The injury he had doesn't need one year to heal. He already took one extra month compared to initial timetable.
  9. But what is the benefit in that if he is healthy? They are adamant his body weight is ok and he is unique etc They were extra cautious by extending his timeline as well. And they should not do that to their fans as well, i think sold a record amount of tickets to watch him playing.
  10. Looks like the decent fg% was a fluke and his efficiency is trending down. Bad misses.
  11. This guy has 1 steal and 2 blocks in his last 7 games while averaging 23 minutes. This is bad. I think apart from the system he is not at his best as well right now.
  12. Finally a good shooting game. He is supposed to be efficient and he has really destroyed my fg% and turnovers lately.