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  1. They are just not playing up to their ability the last couple of weeks.... do you think they are going to revert to who they were last year ? Bills D (Currently ranked #5) versus Indy this week is on the wire and tempting.
  2. Its between Breida and Jones, I like Jones matchup today.
  3. Would need to see rest of roster, but it seems like a trade I would do. Always go for quality over quantity and then find other people to start in those other positions.
  4. I would personally start Royce over Alex Collins and then play Fuller in the Flex.
  5. Hey, just asking ! Gronk has 17 catches and 233 YDs , Kittle has 18 catches and 316 YDs , since Gronk is banged up do you go with the other "healthier" player ?
  6. Hyde has been really good, the only risk is Chubb getting in on the action. Until proven otherwise I think its Hyde
  7. I am interested to see if this post was in Jest or what Rainy really feels..... I agree that the reason you are getting any problems at all is that it was a trade that you were involved in and you didn't follow your league protocol from the past. Have a couple beers together and laugh it off. Trade looks fine but you need to follow your own rules.
  8. Some people say "Potato" others say Potattto" ........ I would stick with CMC myself but if Barkley is your man then its really close. I would keep CMC and Alshon now that he is finally back.
  9. you are buying really low on Dalvin Cook and Kenyan Drake and obviously Kelce is a stud. I would see if you can keep CMC and trade spare parts for another WR , maybe see if Gesicki is available for pickup as I expect he is going to have a bigger role moving forward. Keep those three studs and don't do the deal IMO.
  10. I would go Johnson and Hines , with TY out there are a couple more balls to go around and he has shown he is pretty good in the passing game. Probably will be playing from behind tonight vs. New England.