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  1. My opponent has New England D so I'm looking for biggest upside and thats the Ravens imo but I do like Denver at home vs this Detroit team even with KJ back at RB. We do get points for Kick Return yards so thats a factor also. Ive made it to the ship 3 years in a row, hoping to win my 3rd in a row (BIG $$$) ... atleast I am fortunate to see what NE does Saturday before I make my final decision.
  2. I play in a 3 FLEX league and I'm considering it. If he can put up the numbers he did week 1/2 I'd me more than happy.
  3. Maybe but a rookie QB on the road in his first start... could be something or nothing.
  4. Yeah, lateral that got picked up by Falcons for the last second TD.
  5. I get it, its risky but the game is in Cleveland. Gotta hope home field advantage is a thing and Browns come out playing for pride since their season has been a disaster. [...]
  6. They were down the whole game and when it got out of reach they probably didnt want to risk injury to their star player... Chubb wrecked Ravens last time in Baltimore. Start your Studs.
  7. With all the injuries that have taken place at WR what do we think of John Ross for week 16 playoff finals? He gets a tasty matchup against the Dolphins. Could be a sneaky stash this week before next. I dont expect much against the Pats but he should feast next week with Tate on IR.
  8. So say Henry sits out this week... does that help or hurt AJB? It would cause Tannehill to throw more but also there wont be stacked boxes trying to stop DH...
  9. Really tempted to pick him up and possibly play him with no Hock or MJJ. Matchup is good and at home, just worried about QB play. My WR crew is depleted with injuries and have guys like AJ Brown, Pascal to fill in. Need some upside to help get past semi finals. Lamar definitely helped last night. Would pray for a 6-75-1 stat line with Amendola, hopefully Jameis thumb holds up and can keep Detroit throwing the ball.
  10. Naw, tonight is the Lamar Show. He knows hes the spot light. Yeah he will probably get pulled in the 4th qtr but after putting up 30+ points.
  11. What we doing this guy this week? 2 tough matchups on the road at Pitt then at New England. I can see both being low scoring affairs and a stat line of 4/42/0. But with Brown he has the possibility of getting free and breaking along one... think I have to bench him these next 2 weeks.
  12. Cool to drop this guy? Even if he is active this week I'm not playing him. Doubt I would play him week 16 against Green Bay... been a frustrating year with this dude.