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  1. Anyone think him and Rivers can get it going second half? He's free atm, thinking of picking him up and possibly playing him against Detroit with byes.
  2. Gonna make room for him on my bench, saw an article where the colts worked on run ball schemes over the bye. Frank wants to run the ball more than allowing Rivers to throw deep. Favorable schedule, hopefully Hines gets more involvement.
  3. Ill take Glennon over Minshew atm. Atleast Glennon will toss the rock and not puss out. He has favorite matchups after the bye, hoping they can get better.
  4. Dudes gonna have a big week with Jones out. Has potential to be a great pass catcher out of the backfield. Should have 15+ 1/2 ppr in what should be a high scoring game.
  5. Tempted to put him in my starting lineup, going up against KC who will put up points. Fant and Hamler back which should open up the field more. May lose a few targets but also if KC can get out to a quick lead then Lock should be throwing bombs from the get go... gotta keep an eye on wearing reports, gonna be a cold one for sure.
  6. Washington D? Dallas offensive line is banged up and down to 2nd and 3rd string. Dalton won't have much time to get settled against a strong front 7.
  7. I like Chicago on Monday night, the defense has looked better and possibly no Woods? Pit D seems to have a safe floor but I can see this game being high scoring 35-28 type of game. I'd scoop Murray and play this week. No Sanders or Thomas, look for Saints to run alot against one of the worst teams against rbs. I can see 14/85/1 with a catch or 3 for 20. Kamara will eat obviously but if Saints can jump to a lead early then Murray will pound the rock.
  8. [....] Murray should handle a heavy workload this week with no Thomas or Sanders. Kamara should be mixed into the passing game even more in a favorable matchups for RBs.
  9. Not playing him this week but all for the revenge game next week. Should be glorious!
  10. Not the greatest matchup on paper but I still like his chances of grabbing a deep ball and taking it to the house. He's had the bye week to fully rest up, only takes one shot to have a big week, plus primetime Sunday night game, I think he will be ready for the test. 4-122-1
  11. I cut Sunday night for Justin Jackson. I do like Leonards schedule ROS but I need wins now to make playoffs. If you are looking at 4-2 or better and can hold I'd give it another week or 2 but ROJO has looked good but also no competition last few weeks.
  12. 2nd highest point total and lost by 3, thanks for nothing Juju. Ebron. and Hardman...1-5 😭
  13. Playing Hardman over Chark. Chark has a great matchup here, just nervous he re-injures that ankle and sits out. Can see him going for 2 TDs also....
  14. Im really thinking of picking him up, great match up this week and next. Rest of season looks great too. Going between Kirk and Hardman which he should have a great opportunity with Watkins out. [...]
  15. Reports on Twitter sound like its the Dolphins. Who knows though, we should know something soon.