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  1. I am also rolling with Fitzmagic today in the championship game, lets hope he has one more big in him this season.
  2. It's between Chark or Conley for me, gotta go with the guy who was my best WR all season long.
  3. If Mattison is out, then I would go with Boone.
  4. I pretty much have no choice but to go with Conley now, only other option is T. Williams.
  5. Looking at the box score late last night, I just thought Woods had a big goose egg because it looked like pretty much all of the Rams WR's were shut down. Then I found out he didn't even play! Only reason I had this bum in my lineup is because Metcalf was on a bye. Now I might lose this week in a must win and then I won't even be able to defend my title and go for 3 straight ships.
  6. Hopefully, you did not make this trade. Jones has been a beast top 5 RB this season and Bell has been mediocre at best. I own both and Bell has been a disappointment in my standard scoring league.
  7. Chark is my WR1, so he is not leaving my lineup.
  8. This is what I am hoping, as long as he comes through big in the fantasy playoffs I will be happy.
  9. Fuller has been in my lineup all year. I am keeping him in my lineup for one more week and if he doesn't finally have his blow up game he will be on my bench next week where he will finally have his big game. So if I were you guys, I would sit him this week and then put in your lineups next week.
  10. I had the 3 RBs on KC and just dropped Darell because of players on a bye so I would drop him for either Rojo. Then I would drop Beasley for Mattison.
  11. Even with the tough matchup, I would still go with Jacobs because he is the workhorse on his team. Cohen and Samuels usage is too unpredictable.
  12. 1. Sanders 2. Henry 3. On mobile 4. TY and this is tough one because I am playing both in DFS. I would go with Winston.
  13. Dallas D is pretty tough, plus Rodgers is missing his stud WR, think I would go Winston here.