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  1. In the exact situation and doing the same thing too. Am 2-1 and am totally fine with 2-2. Plus the guy I am playing has 27 points from his FLEX player (MG3), so it is not looking good already.
  2. You are more likely to get him to bite on Woods with that deal, especially after Diggs big week.
  3. At first I thought this was an automatic accept then I realized you have a super flex spot. I still think I would accept because I think Jones and Burrow will have similar numbers at the end of the season. Help with Mine
  4. I just dropped him today for D. Freeman in case he lands somewhere decent.
  5. I agree with going with Sanders and Dionte. Can't trust Conner after what happened last week and even if he is healthy you know they are going to give Snell some carries after he did so well last week. Help with mine.
  6. In .5 PPR, I'm torn between putting J. Kelley or Swift in my FLEX spot. Also, I am having a hard time deciding between M. Williams, C. Davis, Gage or Scotty Miller to put in my WR3 spot. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  7. Reagor and Williams with the rest of the WR's you listed on waivers are the WR3 boom or bust types that have a few big weeks and many duds. If I had to take two out of the bunch it would be P. Williams and a healthy Cooks, who of course isn't healthy so maybe Watkins instead.
  8. I would stick with the hot hand in Slayton or Crowder, whoever has the best matchup.
  9. I agree with the other guy, you need an upgrade at RB. I would be looking to a team with good RB depth to trade with.