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  1. He's not nearly as good as Mixon but oddly in fantasy he produces similarly as a starter because when Mixon plays they inexplicably give Bernard about 40% of the work blocking and catching passes on 3rd downs. When Bernard starts they still give Bernard the 3rd down Gio role. He actually gets more volume than Mixon when he's in the starter role.
  2. That was the dilemma I faced. I did the same.
  3. Given that, I think you could make a case that for most of those players there might be someone better on the waiver wire, or at least a more appealing lateral move...and who doesn't like an appealing lateral move when the people on one's team are only barely treading above the line of rosterable? As long as you're just trying to incrementally improve your roster I see no problem with cleaning house and making the best team you can. One of the few fun moments of having a mediocre team is that you have more waiver players who seem like they might be interesting to speculate on. On years where your team is rolling and there are no weaknesses looking at the waiver wire can be mildly frustrating because you're like "I know that player might be about to take off, but I have no one that I can drop." I know that's a good "problem" to have but when you don't have that problem it can be liberating to play the wire.
  4. Play to win. You're only a game out of a playoff spot and anything can happen in the playoffs. All of the drops you are considering are potentially defensible if you actually think there is someone on waivers who can help you more. But I wouldn't just drop all 6 at once and I wouldn't just drop them to drop them. I'd slowly and methodically make the roster changes you think you need to have the best chance of winning. So is there a better TE than Engram on waivers...then sure drop him if a TE on waivers looks like a step up or a lateral move that you think might have more long term upside etc... If your leaguemates aren't interested in trading (which seems to be the case and you don't have too much to offer in trades) then use the waiver wire and free agency as your trading partners. I find the waiver wire is a good trading partner because they never reject my trades unless someone else has taken the player on waivers first. Free agency is also a good trading partner; Free agency always accepts the trade.
  5. I can't believe someone is offering that trade. Of course you take it. QB is the easiest position to find value at in FFootball on the waiver wire. RB is the hardest. This trade isn't even close. Your trading partner is making the mistake of judging star QBs and RBs by their real football value rather than their value in fake football.
  6. I like the Hill side because a high end WR1 is more valuable than a high end QB1. The only people who really matter in the trade are Hill and Wilson.
  7. Heh, just played Arizona defense because I had to wait on picking up a defense. I knew losing Dak would hurt Dallas but I didn't realize this much.
  8. He's been hyped two weeks of the season and has been in a fair amount of lineups those two weeks. Both weeks where he got played by a lot of people were the weeks he fell flat. On the Chark thread someone prior to this last game said they were dropping Chark for Shenault because Chark's floor was low. That's ironic because Shenault's floor in standard is even lower and his ceiling is lower too. Even when Shenault gets touches a good number are line of scrimmage type plays that are pretty likely to go for 1 yard rather than a big gain. He'll probably have a good game again now that everyone has him on their bench again. But even his good games so far haven't been much more than a WR3 type meeting or slightly exceeding their projections, not their ceilings. He's being treated like a WR3 with WR2 upside when so far he's more of a WR4/5 with WR3 upside.
  9. Nope. Just as folks were saying there's nothing here and he isn't worth starting after he busted last week now everyone is going to rush to start him against the Packers and he'll bust. Then they'll sit him against Detroit and he'll go wild like this again. Then they'll start him against Chicago (bust), sit him against Dallas after he gets 3 or 4 points against Chicago and he'll get 180 yards and 2 or 3 TDs against Dallas. Then they'll play him (he'll bust), then sit him against Jax (boom) and then play him against TB (bust). Jefferson's a great WR to have on one's roster and someone who will give you WR1 numbers every other week and then bench numbers every other week. Top 5 WR ROS on alternating weeks I could buy.
  10. Boom and bust players are nice when they boom 🙂
  11. LeVeon Bell is more of an ex pro-bowler who is past his peak but not as far past his peak as LeSean McCoy. I don't have CEH on my team as I thought the risk of drafting him was that you were drafting at his ceiling whereas some of the other more proven players around there you were drafting at their expected median outcome. But I also think CEH isn't completely tanked by the Bell signing. It's probably going to be like Williams and McCoy last year only both are better so it will be a better version of that. Is CEH a first round value? No. Is he a RB you can still start in Fantasy as an RB2. Sure.
  12. 11 of 30 in my 12 team standard league have been within 10 points. I'm 4-1 and 3 of my wins were by less than ten points. My loss was lopsided (45 points) and I followed that up with an even more lopsided (76 point margin) blowout win where my team put up wild numbers across the board (pretty much the same players who got me a 45 point margin loss the week before).
  13. I use yahoo and I can drop anyone who has played in the NFL but was on my fantasy team bench instead of in my fantasy lineup when their NFL team played. But if they've played for both their NFL team and were in my fantasy team lineup when they played, they're locked. The players guarding the Gatorade on my bench I can drop even if their NFL team played and they played in real football. But, for instance, I can't drop Dak Prescott (who I played) until after the Tuesday night games finish. I could drop Tony Pollard who was on my fantasy bench during the game.
  14. You can drop players who are on your bench and didn't play this week in yahoo, but yahoo should lock your players who you actually played.