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  1. Someone who you can start at a thin RB position as a flex or a desperation 2nd RB. In no way a league winner, but someone who can be a role player and a complementary part of a league winning team. I'm starting him over Carlos Hyde but a league winner is someone who will return top 12 value at a position. That isn't likely to happen.
  2. PPR I'd go with Doyle. In standard it would be closer because Hollister might have more TD potential, but I like Doyle's volume and floor, especially in PPR.
  3. I'd maybe pick up and roll with McCoy. Also I think D. Williams might be out for more than a week so McCoy would be potentially usable going forward as well.
  4. Luckily TE is such a fantasy wasteland that even though I thought he'd put up some kind of low volume snap count crap like 3 receptions for 32 yards, I couldn't justify starting the only other options where that's their normal, instead of their floor. Kittle could hop around on one leg and still have a leg up as a fantasy option relative to most other TEs.
  5. Probably the reason he was further back on the depth chart even though he looked better in the run game than Ito Smith. Hopefully he does decent in pass pro because he'll have much more value if he's not someone mostly in on 1st and 2nd down and short yardage who the defense can know its likely to be a running play if he's on the field. How is Barner in pass pro I wonder? I'm guessing the rookie Ollison who does very little in the passing game probably has pass pro issues too.
  6. Pitt is the best defense to play of those 4 regardless of who you are playing on offense. Its still possible for Chubb/Hunt to do well and Pitt D to do well at the same time, fantasywise.
  7. I don't think anyone's an easy bench after they put up a week like he just had. I'm benching him based on the matchup, but benching without confidence that its the right decision. At least its better than my usual dilemma of having to start someone without confidence 🙂 I expect him to have a better week against SF this time around, though it might be something still benchable like the 6 receptions for 65 yards and no TD's variety.
  8. I'd start Hill, Drake, and DJ in that order. I like Drake the best ROS but the matchup and situation this week for Hill look very good. If Hill isn't playable now, he's not playable. There will never be a better time to play him.
  9. Since the last time they tried to let him play that worked out so poorly, I expect them to be extra cautious and sit him through the bye week. Heck, at this point, I'd prefer they do that. Should have done that before he reaggravated it and he'd be playing now.
  10. I think they'll see what they got this week with Hill, Ollison, and Barner and wait to see how serious Freeman's injury is. Being that the Panthers are a terrible run defense Hill (and perhaps Ollison) has a good chance to show they can ride with him as their main back for 2 to how ever many weeks, rather than bring in a washed veteran to get up to speed. They also need to see what they have in Hill and Ollison for the future. Even if they bring in a veteran off the streets that player isn't likely to threaten Hill's workload this week. But yeah if Hill is pedestrian this week and doesn't run with the opportunity, that window of opportunity to be the guy will slam shut as they then could look to a CJA. Even though Atlanta's line isn't good, I don't think this is a Ty Johnson Detroit type of situation. I stayed away from that one and never thought it would be worth investing in. I have some reservations about this one too, but I bit the bullet and jumped in and used my #2 waiver spot and had to drop a flex level player in Jamaal Williams because I think there's a much better lottery chance here than there was in the case of Detroit's backfield. The fact that they're playing Carolina factored into my decision. Hill should have a better ypc average against them than he had against NO.
  11. Chubb was drafted #4 overall in my yahoo league (exactly where yahoo ranked him) and I had him ahead of Elliott on my draft wishlist. I drafted Elliott #8. I would have never drafted Henry in the first round as he burned me most of last year until his flourish at the end when I drafted him in the 4th or 5th round. RB7 isn't great but its not a bust for a #8 pick either.
  12. 3 weeks as an RB1, 6 weeks as an RB2 and never worse than an RB2 is actually the kind of boring, solid, safe high floor first round pick that kind of works. I mean yeah CMC would be much better and more exciting but compared to DJ, Conner, Hopkins, Davante Adams, OBJ, Leveon Bell who were players going around Elliott for those who drafted him when holdout concerns dropped him to mid to late 1st round its still a good pickup relatively speaking.
  13. No problem starting Kirk this week, he's a matchup dependent WR who will usually get shut down by good defenses and produce against bad ones. Started D.K. Metcalf over Kirk last week because Metcalf was playing TB and Kirk was playing SF. This week starting Kirk and sitting Metcalf because hey...here we have one WR playing TB and another playing SF again. Defenses matter when I'm choosing between WR3 types.