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  1. Dorsett, Fant. I don't think u should play Agholor when u r playing Alshon already in ur WR position. Howard's ceiling's higher no doubt but his floor of 6 pts might just be same as Fant who u said have a better match up.
  2. I would rather scramble for WRs than RBs. This deal gave away the best player which is u and I personally wouldn't do it. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/768232-leaguemates-gone-mad-about-this-trade-whir/
  3. I would ask for more so adding Penny for Breida would be a better deal. Breida is such a headache to own even with Coleman out he didn't get those meaningful touches that sets him apart from Mostert and Wilson.
  4. What's ur team look like? I would rather u drop someone else
  5. Looks like Barkley might just beat even the minimum 4 wk timeline so it's a strong hold unless it's a lopsided deal to ur favor
  6. Given the most recent Barkley's news from 8wks at most to now 4 wks at most with him out of boots jogging or running already then yes I would.
  7. Damien had a full practice yesterday. Darrel will go back to being 3rd in line most likely but if Damien or McCoy ever sit again u know Darrel will have a pretty good role and produce. So if u need a WR than sure but is the Browns gonna stay running with Chubb or short pass to Landry? Who knows.
  8. Team 1 (3-1) trade Mark Andrews+Devonta Freeman for Team B (2-2) Kelce Votes split half, I have final say as the commissioner. I personally wouldn't make the trade but I'm leaning towards letting it through but I need y'all to share your POV other than the typical all trades should go through unless collusion which is 99% impossible to prove or the both owner wants the deal. A little background of team 1, 1st time fantasy player. Team 2, mainly DFS player but did have experience with season long. Team 1 QB-Wilson, Winston RB-CMC, Gordon, Mack, D.Freeman WR-Allen, Fitz, Alshon, Hollywood, DeMarcus TE-Andrews, Walker Pat's D Team 2 QB-Rivers, K.Allen, Brees RB-Jacobs, Carson, Breida, Ballage WR-Adams, Sutton, Hardman, Fuller TE-Kelce
  9. ESPN 12 Team 0.5 PPR QB: L.Jackson RB: D.Will, D.Mont, M.Sanders, Penny, Breida, J.Hill, D.Thompson WR: D.Hop, OBJ, Allison, Moncrief TE: Kittle DEF: PAT K:
  10. Jacobs...you are putting a lot on the line if GB offence isn't clicking with new coach and AJ average below his efficiency without an increase with his receptions
  11. Solid group, Hyde is the first to go and pick up some higher upside guy even the Tempa Bay RB that's been hype today could be your new pickup. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/760355-who-to-pick-up-to-drop-whirrrrr/
  12. Safiest right now for me is Hopkins. Also depends if you are drafting a day before season starts if Zeke reports wk 1 then Zeke is pushing to either 1st or 2nd then you can pick CMC or Kamara.
  13. Team in SIG Players available: Malcom Brown Justin Jackson Alexander Mattison Damien Harris Jamies Winston Might switch D since the PATs play Steelers Brown's D Eagles' D
  14. Need to drop 1 for a kicker? I'm leaning Hogan...what yall think? QB-Rivers RB-Gordon, Howard, Mixon, Kerryon, Royce WR-Baldwin, Kenny G, Davis, Hogan, M.Williams, Allison TE-Reed, Burton D-SEA
  15. Not to start an argument here but ur statement helps no one. Packers wk 3 Ty had 7 tgts, is it so unreasonable that half of 11 tgts goes to Ty if Cobb sits? Obviously this wk they r playing Buf @ home so it's also reasonable to expect the packers won't be trailing but then again no one expect Buf to beat the Min so bad either. I think most ppl here r expecting some kind of analysis whether it's good or bad but it's like u aren't even trying. Again, I'm just looking for some insights that's all
  16. If Cobb is out wouldn't TyMont be the short/slot option therefore won't necessary bump up the targets for Allison?
  17. Hey Dan, what do u think of Williams outlook now?
  18. If u r in keeper or dynasty then there shouldn't be a problem i believe although I've never play in those type of leagues but if u play in the regular league i think it's essential to not drop or add players when u r out. Reason being is that it'll signifcantly lower the chance of possible collusion when between 2 ppl if 1 is in the playoff n the other isn't then the one isn't in the playoff picking up a viable player that's going up against his friend then it help his friend by lowering the chances of his opponent of winning