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  1. Who would you rather have ROS? Kerryon reach a 100 yards for the lions since Bush. Sony just got a major bump with Burkhead to the IR
  2. If u r in keeper or dynasty then there shouldn't be a problem i believe although I've never play in those type of leagues but if u play in the regular league i think it's essential to not drop or add players when u r out. Reason being is that it'll signifcantly lower the chance of possible collusion when between 2 ppl if 1 is in the playoff n the other isn't then the one isn't in the playoff picking up a viable player that's going up against his friend then it help his friend by lowering the chances of his opponent of winning
  3. I am worry about Gordon's turf toe will be lingering through out the season even if he's fresh off of a bye and both playoff schedule look pretty even. So who would you rather have? Stay put or pull the trigger?
  4. Who would u guys rank ahead of Gordon the ROS? I am worry about his turf toe that it could linger through out the season. His 80+ yard TD was nice but he got caught up by Malcolm Butler who ran 4.62 and Gordon 4.52 so maybe the toe is slowing him down cuz he look kinda slow all the way through the side line to the endzone
  5. For people who are on mobile here is my squad ESPN 10 Team Full PPR 1PT Per Rec 6PT/TD QB: Wilson, Mariota, Cousins RB: Elliott, DMC, McKinnon, Mixon, Martin, Mack WR: Julio, M.Thomas, C.Davis TE: Gronk, Henry, Davis DEF: Phi K: n/a 5-3 right now Here's my thinking. I wanna make this trade since I am getting a top notch RB but by doing this I am significantly diminishing my chance of winning this week and helping my opponent that I am playing for next week which is the guy that I am trying to make this trade with. If I do this trade, it means that I am start DMC and Mack as my RBs then Davis as my flex which all 3 are dicey. Another reason I want to make this trade is I want to pick up Woodhead and a kicker for this week so I need to empty out 2 roster spots. The fact is I might end up 5-5 in 2 weeks but with Gordon as the RB1 since I lost Zeke I will have the best squad in the league for the ROS and the Playoffs. What yall think? Should I make the trade?
  6. stay put. the pts difference with CMC n Freeman isnt as big of a gap as Thomas n Sanders http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/679110-my-mthomasrudolph-for-dezhhenrywhich-side/
  7. Anytime u can upgrade ur starters is a good thing but u r giving a lil more than I would like granted Cooper can keep it coming with decent games http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/679110-my-mthomasrudolph-for-dezhhenrywhich-side/
  8. Fisrt of all that's too much u giving and I know Jones looks good but I need to see 1 more game to gauge his performance wasnt a fluke and the touches distribution with TyMont
  9. since u can start 5WRs u should keep him but if u want a RB in return u can aim higher
  10. My Team for those on mobile ESPN 10 Team Full PPR 1PT Per Rec 6PT/TD QB: Wilson, Mariota, Cousins RB: Elliott, RunDMC, McKinnon, Mixon, Martin WR: Julio, M.Thomas, Martavis TE: Gronk, Rudolph DEF: Pit K: Lutz Granted I have Zeke could be suspended so trading for Dez could be beneficial and if he didnt I can flip either one. I think upgrading Rudolph to Henry is huge and I believe everyone can agree on that other hand Thomas and Dez is just about the same plus with the saints D been terrific and leaning on the run more even with 2 games VS. Atl in the playoff feel like Dek being top 5 QB now would lean on Dez even more if Zeke will miss 6 games
  11. I am assuming those 3 u listed r not ur possible starters n they r just lotto stashes. Drop Rawls
  12. KA n Hogan is about the same' CT won't keep his production n CMC is trending up plus u get Rivers. Solid deal
  13. Shepard for now but he was never a true no.1 WR facing elite CBs but the sheer volume is still better than MB
  14. Take it regardless of the format. Watson can't stay hot through the ROS, if he struggle he will lean on DHOP no way Fuller keep this up with the amoung of targets he is getting. Dola is relatively high floor when he plays n hope GB stop splitting the carries so evenly perhaps 60-40 or 70-30 to AJ's way with some 3rd down role
  15. Best team I've seen in a 10 team league feels like ur league mate should just all bow down n hand u the trophy n call it a day. Back to the topic, I don't like any of the trade u listed n the only guys I would want to trade away are Hill and Garcon. Hill to me is still a boom or bust type and Garcon with the QB change don't know if CJ will still target him or Kittle will take away some more target.
  16. I would trade for Crabtree, he might not have as high of Cooper's ceiling but the floor is so much higher that won't lose u ur week with a 3pt game
  17. You are most certainly will have the best team if u take DEZ here in a 14 team league. CJA's touches is decreasing the past 2 games with Bookers coming back and with coach's talk about increasing JC's touches as well. CJA is trending down fast
  18. Maybe u should hold for now since LF missed the last 2 practice n a week 8 bye is coming. U should wait for more reports about LF statues then proceed with the trade. I think the trade is pretty equal basically you are shifting ur strength from WR to RB. Don't like ur RB group now but like ur WRs but after trade I like your RBs more than ur WRs perhaps u can pick up Doctson if he is still on the wire if u want to go ahead with the trade. Actually come to think of it I think u should hold, Jordy and TY pretty much downgraded to a 2nd to 3rd tier WR now with the stud QB out most likely for the ROS but maybe u can still play match up with the 2 with MT as ur WR1. TyMont might somehow gain more carries to be the lead back once he's over his rip injury if u play in a PPR then I'll feel more incline to stay put with ur current roster
  19. Don't like either player but I like Crowell even less