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  1. I buy kareem hunt wherever he goes or even if he stays in CLE. he came in last 3rd of the season and showed the league he could produce with his touches outside of KC and on a bad browns offense. Talent like his does not sit on a bench 😉
  2. Zeke's workload has been less relevant in terms of the focus of the offense since 2016. it's the the volume of touches, it's the type of touches he gets in terms of playcalling. Meaning a run up the gut for 1yd vs a play designed to spring him to the next level or get him in space where he can do damage. Zeke was not the feature of the offense in 2019 and this is the primary point. Dallas has been running the ball less and passing more 2019= 42% run plays 8-8 record 2018= 45% run 10-6 record 2017= partial zeke suspension 2016= 51% run 13-3 record
  3. I didnt bother mentioning his injury because HE CHOSE to play with it and the end result was he hurt himself and his team with not being optimal. Also the report was he had the hernia since the preseason and it's an injury that you either play through he pain or you get surgery and sit out 4-6 weeks. So if it did happen in the preseason he could have had the surgery same as Hunt and returned by midseason healthy to play. Instead he had a mediocre performance and his team a losing record to the point that the HC+GM were blown out the door. His injury does not change my valuation of him as a wr2 with upside but I still think he wont be a reliable week to week wr1 given the unknowns surrounding the team and coaching
  4. Dak has shown he is not an in his prime Aaron Rodgers who can bail out poor coaching , I don't see how they dont go back to leaning heavy on the run game with a healthy dose of pollard
  5. It's easy when you stalk follow her social media daily occasionally. . .😆
  6. How far is the chargers stadium from his . . I mean Giselles LA mansion?😂
  7. I actually know Gisele pretty well, she was dating my almost good mate, Leonardo Dicaprio until he got bored with her and traded her in for a new flavor of super model. She then gave Brady Boy a shot because she knew he didnt have the Lady killer charm, personality and charisma of Leo and he would never dump her. Brady was the the safe guy she settled for after getting strung along by the bad boy. I also know her well enough to know that she is not SETTLING to live in Tennessee so Brady Doll can play American football. 😂
  8. Yes it sure is if you like Country music, BBQ, Southern Charm and being land locked with no access to an ocean. None of those things on on a globetrotting Brazilain Supermodels list of favorite things. I have been to Nashville and it's fun for 5 days when someone else is paying your tab but it's is not a place where a super wealthy super model with homes in NYC-LA-Boston is going to live. She will veto the move or Brady will be there alone living in his bachelors estate 🤣
  9. Not sure why you think that would not still apply, all relevant real world information that affects the fantasy value of players i follow and include in my player valuations. Whether it's Ken Doll Brady influenced by his richer than him wife or the Player that gets arrested for domestic violence against his partner. Were you one of those guys that made the ridiculous claim that fantasy was mostly luck? I honestly can't remember but I have a feeling. . . 🤣
  10. No. Giselle will not go to Tennese. Clearly you have no understanding of how Giselle $500 million allows her Tom Doll to pursue his "hobby" of American Football. He will stay a Patriot because that does not disrupt HER lifestyle meaning she is a 1hr flight from NYC media and fashion market. Giselle will only allow Tommy Boy to play on the East or West Coast. Miami could be in play if she starts to buy real estate down there in the offseason since it's a shorter non-stop flight on her private jet to her home country of Brazil. 🤣
  11. I would like to think that Leseasn is not complaining regardless of his role in the SB, he has never been to the SB his entire career and even if he gets one token carry, that's 1 more than he has ever had. I think at this stage of his career after getting released by the Bills before the season he counts being on the chiefs and in the SB as a career milestone and fortunate blessing. He has played his tail off his entire career. RB's at his stage rarely get these end of career moments
  12. I am buying Dion Lewis off the waiver. . . 😉
  13. As I stated in a previous post, I think the Titans in their playoff run have showed us the team they always wanted to be and will choose to be which is not great for teams starting their pass catchers. I think they will reduce the passing volume and this is the type of football they want to play. Get a lead and then kill the clock with chain moving run plays and solid defense. This style is their DNA and if you look at the successful teams this year BUF-SEA-BAL-SF-GB +the Titans they have all dominated on the ground, the only exception is KC with their stud passing game. I see no reason for that to change next season. AJ should trade as a wr2 with wr1 upside because of his big play potential but lack of volume, similar to the way lockett has been this pass season. Efficiency per catch will be the key to his value. if that running game is dominating next season AJ will win you a few weeks but most weeks you will be extremely frustrated when you see 10pts and some avg wr on the redskins or MIA off the wire is killing it or the wr3 on ARI is crushing based on his weekly volume.😂