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  1. A bit surprised to not see an existing thread for Samuel for this year. I think his low ranking has to do with the necessary projection of Robby Anderson taking away production and deep targets. The same reasons none of us are running to draft Anderson we should believe there is A path to success for Samuel. -TE Ian Thomas is struggling with turf toe. with different cases comes different severities however Davante Adams was at a wait and see status for about 7 weeks last year until he returned to the lineup. -Teddy Bridgewater is notoriously known for short passes. He rebuilt his value last season doing his 40+ old Drew Brees impression. Without the TE Thomas he will have to check it down to someone other than D.J. Moore and CMC. -This defense is set to be atrocious. They must be one of the youngest units in the league with the amount of rookies they’ll be relying on for snaps. These game scripts can lead to an abundance of targets in this offense. -Robby Anderson’s ability as a field stretcher should keep him glued to a sideline. While we love deep targets we also love receptions. While Kyle Allen missed Samuel on many a deep target, Samuel looked a bit questionable himself in being able to reel in those targets. It’s worth mentioning that he came out of Ohio state as a RB/WR hybrid. This should give us hope that the Panthers use him in the slot and accentuate his skill set. The biggest concern for this guy is if there will be enough targets when the pecking order comes down to him. That concern can be said with many players outside the top 100. I’d like to think with as bad as this defense is he can be productive as third in the pecking order while being given more efficient targets than he had last season.