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  1. I picked jamison crowder but I tbh i haven't hit the WW that hard
  2. I'd take it but only if Kamara can get healthy with a healthy brees as well. But I am a little bias especially because I have AK and keenan on my team lol Its honestly a tough choice, and my feeling is you can't really go that wrong either way?
  3. Thanks, yeah problem is my league is so insanely trade averse its hard to get anything done.. I thought I could just rotate my flex spot every week but thats useless if my main guys don't put up points.
  4. I need someone objective here to tell me how it is, is my team garbage or have i just been insanely unlucky(I have given up the most f points in my league by far)? Thanks PPR - usual starting line up QB - Lamar Jackson RB- Kamara RB- D Henry WR- Keenan WR- Woods WR- Boyd TE- Kelce Flex - Curtis Samuel/Tyrell williams/Mecole hardman/miles sanders K - Joey Sly
  5. Id let go of butler for sure. Like you said the timeshare is an issue and hield is imo gonna beat great as they are chasing a playoff spot
  6. I dropped shamet and rozier for white and tj warren just cuz they are scheduled to return right after the break. Someone just dropped mirotic, I'm gonna try to claim him and drop faried @the1gq2nvy
  7. vuc otto ibaka are worth more, given what is going on with new orleans
  8. TJ warren, ZO, dragic, ROCO, dinwiddie, Derrick white all sitting on my waivers. I'm a lock for my playoffs, who should i pick up to replace: faried, rozier, shamet, saric? Pts league whir 100
  9. h2h points league. 1 point scored is 1 fantasy point. rebound= 1.2 pts. assist= 1.5 pts 3s dont matter WHIR
  10. h2h points league. 1 point scored is 1 fantasy point. rebound= 1.2 pts. assist= 1.5 pts steals and blocks 3 fantasy pts each** turnovers -1 3s dont matter WHIR
  11. I'd definitely sell howard and sell high on mack just because indy has a rb committee (correct me if im wrong about that). Im not sure if any of those guys would bite on howard and mack because those are top tier wrs except maybe baldwin who i dont think is worth it. Id consider howard for baldwin straight up but see if you can get Evans with howard and mack. I also had 6 rbs but only 1 elite wr (AJ green). I traded drake and miller for diggs so im left with Gordon ingram chubb and AP
  12. I have 6 rbs on my team. Chubb AP Mgordon Miller Drake and ingram Traded drake and miller for diggs to help my wrs.