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  1. Keep Odell They will get it figured out. Would be nice to see how Tua and Parker connected in some of camp
  2. Stay put and just find a qb for this week. Also, 100% move Godwin into the flex and take out Singletary
  3. Should be good for you. I think he accepts anyways as he is hurting. Still no timetable on Chubb either... Mattison will be better than last game if cook is injured again
  4. DJ and Gurley should net you a high pick. Rbs are gold right now and you are offering 2 RB2’s. You should be able to get Jacobs for sure imo
  5. CEH and Waller easy!!! he will be used in a 50/50 split at worst IMO. Reid will think of plays to keep him involved.
  6. Here exactly.. nailed it 100% i wouldn’t make any moves, you are okay
  7. I would Then try and flip Mike Davis and JuJu NOW for someone before Davis goes off into missery
  8. No way. If so, I wouldn’t mind a serviceable QB with a lot better wr in return
  9. 0.5 ppr I’m 3-3 give James Conner and Brandon Aiyuk receive Kareem Hunt and Hunter Henry I have hockenson as my TE right now. He doesn’t get many targets my rbs now: Conner, DJ, Kelley, Latavius, Jamaal Williams my wrs: Ridley, Godwin, Boyd, aiyuk, d Jax, only thing that worries me is Conner is past his bye week already he has a tough schedule coming up thanks
  10. Doesn’t look that good for McKinnon... they obviously like Hasty and showed him in a big game. mckinnon could have received carries in the end but they chose hasty.
  11. Dang I’m getting lucky. Going against Mahomes and CEH. goodness he didn’t get that TD. they are completely manhandling the Buffalo defense
  12. Dillon is not this year folks. People sleeping on Jamaal Williams. I have him on my bench. They liked him in camp and he gets some run. The only reason Dillon got any carries is because the game was out of hand. bigger issue for AR and also the run game going forward is the health of David bahktiari
  13. I will gladly scoop him up if someone drops him. Complete over-reaction. they were completely done in by the QB play yesterday. He still is a clear handcuff to a dominant RB