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  1. I've been running a Hockey League (the MAFHL) for the last 6 years and this season the league is looking to make a few big changes. 1. Were turning it into a Dynasty League (starting 100% fresh this year) 2. ESPN Head to Head Each Category Scoring (G, A, SOG, Hits, Blks, STP | W, SO, SV%, GAA) 3. Auction Draft (September 30th, 7:30pm Eastern) We decided an auction draft was the only logical way to start a dynasty league because its the only way to ensure that every team has a fair shot at the players they want. Dynasty League setup/stipulations: Keep 12 total players (out of 20 on roster). Your Top 5 draft picks are locked (no dropping, and no trading until off-season | more info on message board). 4 Teams make playoffs, with Playoff matchups being 2 weeks each. 100% Free to Play. Full League Settings Below: Were a league of varying experience levels. Most of us have several years of experience in Fantasy Hockey and have played multiple league types. Were looking for 3 managers to fill the open holes in our league for years to come. As stated above this year we are all starting fresh meaning this is the opportune time to jump into the league and not be at any sort of disadvantage. I would prefer any applicants have at least 1-2 years experience in fantasy hockey. If you are interested, please post here and I will answer any questions/comments you may have. Thank you!