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  1. Expected to play, anyone starting him?
  2. The last 5 weeks of targets: 11, 9, 13, 4, 15....two 100 yard games, two tds in that span, caught 6 or more in 4 out of 5 games....I think I'm going to roll with him in the finals. My other options are either Kirk or Slayton but overall I'm not confident with either 3
  3. Kamara and lutz needs to give me 21 points for the ship...ugh
  4. If thielen can stay on the field, this is an awesome matchup...especially now with king out. This feels like a shootout potential too. I just feel he is 100% healthy since GB is up by 1 game in their division, this is a must win game for the Vikings.
  5. I am so torn right now...there should be several updates on Jacobs tomorrow during warm ups
  6. Playing Sutton over Beckham, must win game to get into playoffs....I'm not risking it.
  7. Bad sign - all WRS on field for early warm ups, juju is the only one not on the field.
  8. Are you sure? It seems like I saw Shepard working on the outside last week a lot more than the slot. Even with Tate, the Giants will be down all game vs the vikes.
  9. Not confident at all especially with this toe injury and I am not sure if i care enough to see how he performs during warm ups. I will play someone like DJ Moore or Breida over him. What a complete disaster so far....I'll look in the diggs thread to make me feel somewhat better.
  10. I am expecting two td's tonight, book it!
  11. With Chase starting now, I feel Nagy has no choice but to run the damn ball now. I want to say this benefits Montgomery.
  12. How is Houston defense overall? Corners?
  13. There are rumors that Diggs is requesting a trade...wonder where the arrow will point for thielen... up or down.
  14. Seems like every week Royce is getting more and more involved and passing Lindsay as well in the process. I was surprised that Royce was targeted 7 times through the air, caught 5 for 48 yards.