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  1. Henry is an absolute beast but that line is getting the defense three yards back right off the line. Holy smokes.
  2. Michael Thomas must be injured cause the play calling has been garbage. That hill pass tho lol.. just chuck it up
  3. Posts mean nothing, look at me. Im wrong often, a crap ton tbh, although i havent finished outside of 2nd place in 4 years lol...Its fantasy, anything can happen. There are no "experts", just people who are able to spend more time searching for any and all stats possible to influence rankings/projections and give takes. The game is played on the field.
  4. Everyone knew Fournette had injury problems. Im surprised he went as high as he did. I for sure thought he was going to drop especially at a short lived position like RB.
  5. Anyone playing in a league with a week 17 championship, isn't playing in a league. lol
  6. It’s a Festivus for the rest of us! (I hate that saying btw) 😂
  7. That vodka tastes much better now don’t it. Congrats man! We goin to Disney world! Lol
  8. I was gonna say you may bleed purple if you thought that wasn’t a hold. 😂
  9. Was spot on. He literally held onto his shoulder pad by the chest plate to prevent the sack.
  10. Jones is money. Should be off the board by pick 7 next year.
  11. Actually that falls in line with a short story more than a novel. But thanks. Maybe you can get Tony in here to shorten it. I could give a **** less. Ill be back in 8 months, until then, cheers.
  12. Drafted... email after i drafted saying my Grade was an A+ and that i'll go undefeated. I was very shocked since the 5th and 6th pick i was auto drafted some how and the auto draft picked Cam Newton and the Chargers defense. LOL!! I wasnt planning on drafting a qb nor defense so my wr/rb picks took a hit. Didn't work out that way going undefeated as I finished 9-5 with 3 other guys to make the last playoff spot and the 1st place guy at 10-4. Very competitive league to say the least. Through out the season, this site and its members along with other sites helped me with ww decisions and starts. I ended up scooping up guys like Parker, Aj Brown, Gallup and Drake. I left myself with headaches last week sitting both Parker and Brown. This week I did the same, sat Brown due to match up, sat parker because Cincy CBs have been good against outside receivers. Both made me pay but my roster was strong enough last week and this week to win the Championship for the first time in the 5 years i have played. The last 3 years in a row I have finished 2nd, having the best team but coming up against a team in championship week where 1 guy goes for 40 and ruins my chances. This year, Barkley provided me with 40 and the title! In .5 PPR this is my roster to end the season and the way i played them this week. I picked up Dion Lewis and dropped him after the game started just to block my opponent who used Murray as his flex back. QB - WInston RB1 - Barkley RB2 - Aaron Jones WR1 - Julio WR2 - K Allen TE - Kittle FLEX - M Sanders K - Butker Def - Patriots Bench: K Drake, AJ Brown, M Gallup, D Parker, J Cook I won 148.30 to 101.82 and I still have A Jones to play. I just want to thank all you again for the months of Banter, strategy and information. I will be back after I draft next year if I continue to play but i feel i will since i must for 1 season defend my throne(my ritual is to not look into fantasy until after I draft, because for the last 4 years, its worked lol). I also want to give a big thanks to Tony who edits numerous posts because he feels its too much A/C content even though the context of your post could be very useful to others in respect to starts and strategies. I dont know where rotoworld would be without your non stop moderation.LOL Also would like to thank myself for not spending any money paying for BS fantasy info from a bunch of guys who are mediocre. Congrats to all you other winners and best of luck if you need it tonight. Peace!
  13. He shouldve just ran it in, the game was going to be 15 points, there was no way the clownboys were coming back. [...]
  14. 2 targets and not until the 4th lol. Lattimore is a baller, tanny was that petrified. Good thing for that rushing score. Ugly game, nice line. Hope that helped some of you win your ship.