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  1. I'm starting 100% if he is playing. Not even a thought there.
  2. I don’t want any part of that cowboys offense. Lol. Dalton isn’t great, line sucks and defense sucks. It’s a crap shoot weekly
  3. I own Boyd as well. In some spots, I truly may consider but in all honesty, prob won’t. Idk how he gets 2 targets tho... ffs Alexander wasn’t that deep in him. But usually he gets goal line. Yea idk lol maybe I package him up
  4. CEH has skill all over the field. He’s younger, more agile, prob a better burst... bell isn’t taking anything except a few touches... goal line touches the ones CEH doesn’t get anyways lol
  5. I need zeke and Murray to go less than 61.48 in .5 PPR. 🙏🏻
  6. You throw a screen to the least agile guy on your offense outside the lineman. Lmao. Reid you dolt
  7. Fml we don’t even get the short field! Bahahahaha. Ceh will do 65 yards of work to get robbed.