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  1. You guys realize he played at Clemson right? DHop...renfrow... tee Higgins... WR U
  2. This aged well... smoke and mirrors fellas... fantasy football isn’t hard!
  3. Off to a good start. Keep it going DJ! All the way to a chip!
  4. Top 10 WR ROS the way Herbert is playing...
  5. Ummm true. But still stings losing a championship ... Lockett is great and I’m hoping he brings a championship this year and all will be
  6. Why is everyone mad? You guys should’ve know he was resting this week
  7. He is ranked the best fullback in the league. Fb1 ROS
  8. You must have forgot his performance championship week last year that cost owners a championship against the same cardinals defense at home...😢
  9. Not saying Kelly did great. But coaches for some reason just like him more than Jackson. Kelly is younger stronger and will get the majority of the snaps until Ekeler returns...
  10. Never got injured... just cried to coaches about losing touches to Kelly. So they called up a practice player