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  1. You look ok and like Meadowlark mentioned, depth in bigs. If anything it's the dimes, maybe you can nickel and dime your way to it but I'd be looking to trade for a dime guy or two if you can.
  2. I'll keep an eye for in the training camp on Parsons, Embiid (there were reports a few wks back that he was not cleared just yet) That should strengthen the argument of keeping Parsons or dropping him and picking up Rich Holmes. If I had to do the drop now though, I would easily drop Moz for MKG. Ultimately here is how I view that list Jrich/Jmike (A tad higher on Jmike though) Holmes (depends how embiid is to start off but Holmes is decent either way)/Boban (per min beast) KO Zeller (Maybe D12 gets hurt he should shoot up just below MKG imo)
  3. Hi, I would like to get insight on a trade offer given to me in an 8 team H2H League. Blake Griffin Gary Harris for Al Horford My team got Al, Turner, KAT, Joker, Rubio, Lonzo, Chriss etc Thoughts? TIA
  4. if still open, very interested.
  5. That seems to be his ceiling (16-20) It's not a bad idea but also depends who else is there.