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  1. I won 2 and finished 2nd in another, kinda weird I had a lot of duplicates across all 3 rosters but one league had Julio MT Lamar Jackson. Aaron Jones, Chubb and Adams were both on one of my winners and losers. Miles Sanders and Goddaert really carried me on one of my winners this week.
  2. You make some valid points, my mind was wondering to worst case scenario. Its not often that teams are in position to lock up a #1 before week 16 kicks off. Pats have always had late season matchups with manning or more recently mahomes that determine byes, I dont think they've ever benched brady for week 17. Proving your point I guess.
  3. Lets float a scenario. Pats play saturday, if they lose against the bills, Ravens own the tiebreaker against NE as well as KC. So they could lock up the #1 seed with a NE loss. They also win the tiebreaker against the Chiefs so they've guaranteed themselves a top 2 seed already. In the event that scenario plays out, does Baltimore rest Lamar, Ingram, Brown, Andrews, etc. I imagine they at least play a limited role. I'm a Pats fan and a Jackson/Ingram owner and I'm very concerned this scenario plays out.
  4. I'd do it as well. Sanders is the best player of the group, Drake is a non factor going forward and hollywood has been a one week wonder. Neither of those two crack your lineup and Sanders could be a weekly play.
  5. I'm 3-3 and season is trending downward. 20 point underdog, i need a flex play with 20+ point upside. Roster options are: David Montgomery vs. NO Chase Edmonds @ NYG (If DJ sits this is where I'm leaning) Jakobi Meyers @ NYJ, Gordon inactive There isn't much on the wire, if Phillip Dorsett suits up hes an option and it eliminates Meyers, AJ Brown vs LAC are the only guys who have done it this year and have the potential. Thanks for the help and link your questions.
  6. Chris Harris is my go to, I've paid for the almanac three years in a row and I love the content. I don't get why you guys like Tagliere. I listen to the podcast if I've gone through all my other shows(Harris, Fantasy Footballers, Rotounderworld). All Tagliere does is makes statements starting with the word "obviously" and victory lap on his calls that worked out. Which is easy when you "love" three dozen players every week. He just comes off as wicked arrogant to me. His hot takes are things like, "Davante Adams is going to go off this week."
  7. I'm sitting with the #1 waiver and theres some enticing options. TJ Hockenson, Darren Waller, Malcolm Brown, Chris Thompson, Lamar Jackson Roster is: QB Murray RB Carson Michel Ingram Sanders Henderson Harris Mattison WR Julio MT Lockett Gallup Curtis Samuel and AJG TE Vance Hockenson or Waller would be starts immediately but there are some deeper options like Andrews and Walker that may make it through. Lots of QB's rostered so the wire drops off fast after Jackson. Thanks and link your questions.
  8. I spend a lot of time listening to podcasts so I'll mention the 4 I listen to regularly. First 2 I listen to daily, second 2 if I have spare time. Chris Harris is my absolute favorite. Super nerd, but I love his analysis. He has a lot of contrarian ranks this preseason but most of his ranks are off watching film and ranking players based on talent. He also talks a lot about avoiding rankings players off this like game script, predicting which teams and situations will be good before we get there. He does talk a lot about sponsors but you have to pay the bills somehow and I zone them out at this point. I've paid for his player almanac 2 years now, it's short money and lots of good info, well worth it my opinion. I like the fantasy footballers a lot, they're very entertaining and they're usually ranked pretty high on the accuracy grades. They feel a lot like what it would be to get 3 friends together and just shoot the bull about fantasy football. Rotounderworld with Matt Kelly, he's more dynasty and DFS focused and a lot of content is behind a big pay wall but he does a lot of metrics based analysis. He's much more vulgar but hands down the most entertaining podcast. FantasyPros, I like Sylvester but Tagliere makes my skin crawl and I just assume the opposite of what he says.
  9. its tough to track but it looks like you're getting the better picks and have a pretty good roster to start with, I'm fine with it. Thanks for the help with mine.
  10. 12 team half point with 1 keeper, my draft did not go the direction I wanted at all. With the way our league works a couple top 5 picks were off the board at weird values and I ended up with Adams, Allen, A Jones, Montgomery with my first 4 picks. I never go early QB but Rodgers was there and the Adams/Rodgers combo was more than I could resist and I blanked on the fact that I had 3 packers with my first 5. Would you look to trade any of those 3 to diversify before the season? If GB is a wagon I could have a great team and I won with Wilson/Baldwin/Rawls a few years ago. We play 1QB/2RB/2WR/1Flex/1TE/K/Def roster is: Rodgers Chubb, Jones, Montgomery, Sanders, Hyde, Mattison, Justin Jackson Adams, Allen, Samuel, Fitzgerald Mcdonald Thanks and link your questions.
  11. I went 3 for 3 in finals appearances this year: 10 Team Half Point QB: Baker(Had Cam all season) RBS: Mixon, Chubb, Conner, Samuels, J Williams, A Jones, L Miller WRS: MT, Nuk, Landry, Baldwin, DJ Moore TE: Kittle 12 Team Half Point QBs: Luck, Brees RBs: Mixon, Chubb, DJ, Miller, Foreman WRs: MT, Thielen, C Davis TEs: Brate, Samuels 12 Team Dynasty Half Point (Super Flex) QBs: Rivers, Luck, Winston RBs: Chubb, Carson, Mccoy, Conner, J Williams, A Jones, Dixon WR: Nuk, Adams, Hilton, Reynolds, Cole, Goodwin TE: Gronk and Burton I made a few big trades, DJ and John Brown for Nuk, Kerryon and Watkins got me MT, and Lynch got me Baldwin.
  12. Chubb is an autolock, hes in a great spot and should have huge volume. Mixon is the entire offense and has 60 touches the last two weeks. Dwill if Ware is inactive otherwise I like Gordon over him.
  13. Chubb is in an absolute smash spot, I'd start him over Gordon all day. Gordon is coming off that injury and the Ravens D is legit.
  14. Dolphins by far. Jags cannot move the ball and Kessler is garbage. Redskins are beat up and their offense is so bad the defense never gets off the field.
  15. I'd go DJ also, hes still a stud and hes going to get volume.