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  1. I'd easily take Beast mode and Kelvin here. I think Lynch is the upgrade if anything - way better game-flow situations and red zone opportunities. And with Olsen gone, Kelvin should be a target hog
  2. I'd keep Cook. Gronk already almost got injured. Graham will pick up the slack soon enough
  3. I think this is Carson's job for sure. I'd keep Rawls just as a handcuff, cause you never know with Pete. But it's pretty clear this is the rookie's backfield now
  4. I think this was good deal. Very top-heavy team, but all of them are capable of putting up huge numbers to compensate for bye week absences. Try and pick up sleepers like Perine, Smallwood, Foreman, or Breida for your bench - I can imagine one of these potentially being a home run at some point during the season
  5. Smh, just three exceptional games at the end of the season last year and his draft capital skyrocketed. There's a reason why this dude is 29 and has always played second fiddle - he especially has no shot of a renaissance year on this trash Jets team.
  6. Straight hot garbadge... those fantasy experts look like geniuses valuing him as a fourth-fifth round pick pre-draft. This dude won't have any use until Matt forte breaks down, and even then he's only semi-flex worthy
  7. I think it only gets better from here on out - he still isn't fully acclimated to the system yet and flacco is only going to get better as he shakes off the rustiness from the time he missed this preseason. It's also worth noting game flow these past two weeks hasn't been favorable for him - that'll certainly change as the ravens face stiffer competition. People are sleeping on Maclin
  8. Whoever suggests keeping Crabtree over AJ Green is flat out nuts. That is highway robbery my friend.. Green's schedule gets much easier and he is too ultra-talented to not produce. He is a boom/bust kind of guy, but when he booms he singlehandedly wins you matchups
  9. Can someone confirm whether or not you can drop a Thursday night player that's on your bench after they've played? I know Yahoo allows it but thought NFL.com didn't
  10. Dropped Rawls for Carson ironically... it appears every time Rawls gets tackled his ankles disintegrate. This dude's violent running style does not seem anatomically sustainable... at least for him. Who knows? I could be totally wrong and regret that decision. That being said, Carson was immensely impressive last weekend - the numbers don't tell it all. This Sunday should clarify a bit everything going forward
  11. I'd take dez and miller. Saints D is going to make anyone look good, but can't hide the fact the Viking line is garbage and the running game won't always be that successful. I'd take Miller and dez
  12. Yea thanks for the correction. Even worse imo
  13. Parker is going to ball. Confidentially starting him over both dez (against cards) and alshon (vs chiefs) this weekend. Cutler is a reckless animal, he's not built for that patient, short/medium game-managing pass scheme that Landry thrives in. Prepare to see an interception or two though haha
  14. Hold for sure. All you have to do is hobble your way to the playoffs and then hope DJ comes back... now begins the path to glorious redemption lol
  15. Should I do the swap? I just took two major L's and lost both Allen robinson and David Johnson. I was offered Lamar Miller and DJax for him, and considering all the risks, I want to pull the trade off. That being said, I wouldn't mind holding if this team below is potentially playoff worthy. Its 12 man standard QB - Carr, Luck WR - Cooks, Benjamin, Parker, Brown, Coleman RB- Lynch, lIngram, West, Rawls TE - Witten damn that looks ugly writing it now lol. So what do u guys think?