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  1. Cavs team stats only showing 2 blocked attempts... Very strange
  2. Yeah two game week is rough. Was going to drop and stream but hopefully we can get an update on DJA before the end of the day.
  3. It's not the exact same thing because I have the option to drop/add players. Especially helpful in playoffs when anyone can be dropped to help get me to the finish line. And if you think there's no difference in daily/weekly change settings, then why are you suggesting people make the switch?
  4. Yeah it's especially great when a player gets injured on a Monday and they're stuck wasting space in your starting line-up... No thanks
  5. Drop everyone on your team and read the pinned post at the top of the forum
  6. I worry Westbrook might be giving freethrow advice to Harden...
  7. Well, I see that Rotoworld needs an editor...
  8. Personally, I'm moonwalking to grab him...
  9. Thanks for this Would be nice if you could list the pseudo b2bs too like Tues-Thrs and Thrs-Sat
  10. This guy is becoming a real headache to roster