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  1. Ya that would have been a walk through. Why does Ekeler get penalized for the fumble at the end there? Allen pitched it but ekeler never had control. Edit: Nevermind, ESPN corrected itself I believe.
  2. Correction, they had 1 timeout (sure, two with the 2 minute warning) when they punted the ball but that's not enough with 4 mins left. Agreed, their offense wasn't clicking as well as it was in the first half. But do we not know Wilson thrives on the 4th quarter, at home, especially his resume against the Packers. Just go for it! Just do it! Hopefully, we clean up this mess and set some people straight.
  3. You're giving the ball to a team with Russell Wilson behind the wheel who has just come from behind to take the lead. And there's 4 mins with 1 timeout left. Pretty much one first down and you're done. If you're lucky, 1 min left in the game but hard to stop Wilson in the 4th in Seattle.
  4. Probably Sutton to see if he will be the one stepping up. But Brown for the solid pick up.
  5. Lol says the Jags fan, with the Colts in the same division.
  6. Being that Thielen is a consistent receiver but Aaron Jones is on the up and coming.Tough decision. Giving up WR1 for another WR1 and a RB. I think I would take it but it depends up on the upside for Jones.
  7. How much do I stand to gain if I do play a defense? If I wait out this week and play OJ and then ride Doyle the rest of the way then I can plug in a defense. Is a defense really that necessary? I understand it could be the difference maker if they bring in 5-6 pts avg.
  8. Julio, juju, diggs, green, Thomas They're all so close...with division games coming up, AFC north play tough against each other. I like juju a lot as he's a reliable target.
  9. He was my #1 waiver wire pick up this week. Luck and him have a good connection, no?
  10. Standard League -- I have no space for a defense. I need to drop a player to pick up a defense. Thinking about picking up Chiefs defense but don't know who to drop. WHIR Dak T. Cohen L. McCoy M. Evans Kupp O. Howard M. Ingram - FLX Defense - BLANK Prater Bench DJ - Bye Mixon - Bye Landry Lucky - Bye Doyle - Bye
  11. Dead cat bounce coming up hopefully lol
  12. Lol the last time I saw someone make a prediction on Rotoworld failed miserably. Jordan Reed was supposed to go 8/130/2 on MNF. We all saw what happened.
  13. That first target was thrown late as it was to his side/behind, but the second target he brought in with a nice catch.