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  1. Gruden channeling Al Davis on that pick. Just win baby, lets get vertical.
  2. Quarantine? Might be the best thing to happen to AB.
  3. Not sure about this years stats, but in 2018, Henry averaged 5 yards a carry when facing 8 or more in the box. I do think Tannehill will have to step it up for the Titans to have a chance. Chief will most likely put up 30+ points.
  4. KC and SF SF wins Super Bowl. Though, the way my playoff picks have gone so far, most likely the opposite will happen.
  5. Love the offensive lineman pulling a Stone Cold during the TD celebration. Just picked up 2 random cans and went crazy. Terrific.
  6. KC spotted them 24 and now have the lead, and get the ball after the half. What a crazy game. Been some good ones this postseason.
  7. To be that big and fast. Thought he was gone though.