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  1. You can obsess about his past lack of production all you want but the bottom line is he is an elite athlete in a prolific offense with 3 down skills. Only threat would be competition, but carlos is washed up and darwin is a small back from a small school
  2. I would be beyond shocked if charcandrick west gets 10 touches he’s the jag of all jags they cut him for a reason. Damien is atleast an above average pass catcher and he beat out kenyan drake last year in miami so that has to mean something
  3. Can’t trust him with the way brady is spreading it around especially in a game where they’ll have an early lead. The past appeal of JG was the big play/deep ball potential which isn’t there in the slightest. Don’t be surprised when he puts up 2/40
  4. Not a great matchup but atleast ramsey isn’t 100%
  5. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/736593-j-howard-or-doug-mart/
  6. Blount definitely with kerryon out and then arob with a good matchup
  7. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/736593-j-howard-or-doug-mart/
  8. I would honestly roll with ateman. 10 targets last week and could see some nice garbage time work this week
  9. In standard howard vs giants martin vs chiefs
  10. Only 2 tds in 8 games with brady...might be a drop now that gronk is back
  11. Went from stud to complete scrub real quick. Has there ever been a bigger bust minus injury??
  12. But that schedule though...jk I’m currently fuming that I drafted this bum in the 3rd