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  1. Luka being Luka. He just has the it factor that you can tell he will be a future superstar in this league. Just another 26 points 10 rebounds 7 assist game. Nothing to fancy
  2. Luka with another triple double in his 1st year with 28 points 10 rebounds and 10 assist. Got a feeling next years his numbers will 35+ppg 10+rbg and 15 assist per game. Fantasy monster and his team next year will include Porzingis and another star!
  3. 35 points 11 rebounds and 6 assist without any of his new teammates. Only 19 years old and getting better. Had a all time great 1st half and one of the worst 2nd half. He is a fantasy beast and future superstar. Can't imagine how it's going to be when Porzingis joins him next season. Might be the greatest duo in the 2020's.
  4. Get this man some help! Youngest player in the NBA history with 2 triple doubles. Just waiting for his 40+ point 20+ rebound + 20+ assist game. Might not be this year but it's coming soon.
  5. Nice bounce back game with 32 points 8 rebounds and 8 assist. Euro LeBron
  6. 25 points 8 rebounds and 8 assist. Putting up Lebron James type of numbers and he's only 19!
  7. Would have dropped 40 or more if he had played the entire 4th quarter. Carlisle didn’t bring him back until 4 min left in the 4th quarter.
  8. Not the best shooting night for Luka but still managed to pull a double double with 24 points 10 rebounds and 6 assist.
  10. 24 points 9 rebounds and 4 assist. Generational type talent and only 19!
  11. Watch this game vs the warriors. This guy is an emerging star player.
  12. 22 points 8 rebounds and 6 assist today. Didnt even play in the 3rd quarter I think. Thought he was going to be out with the knee injury but came back. Luka is Amazing!!!
  13. DFS getting better each game and plays both sides of the court. Nice game vs Knick’s with 19 points and 7 rebounds.