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  1. I anticipate he'll be worked in slowly and possibly with some help from Zenner. If he shows well, they'll give him more and more opportunities each week. He's clearly talented even if he runs a bit upright compared to most backs (perhaps why he's struggled with injuries in his past). Is there a chance the Washington (Husky) coaches failed to use him creatively and/or play to his strengths and that in this new setting he could thrive? I don't know much about the Husky or Lion schemes but it's just a thought. While he didn't start in college, he was able to leave early and still get drafted and is now knocking at opportunity's door. Maybe this is a case of changing scenery being a huge deal. I'm not anticipating much this week vs a stout and hungry Green Bay team playing in their Lambeau opener, but the schedule eases up after that and he could become a 50-80 total yards per game + .5 TD if all goes well.