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  1. 12 team ppr His: Hopkins My: Edelman, Collins and Olsen
  2. Very very windy here 15 minutes from the stadium. Constantly 15- 20mph with gusts in the 30s. Baltimore is going to be very windy.
  3. Short term it’s a better deal for you. The Fournette injury could cost another 3-5 weeks or more if Jax is out.
  4. Without getting into the keeper part I wouldn’t do sanders. Sanders has been very solid. Brown complains and JuJu disappears for a game. Not sure this option is a huge upgrade. However Fournette and Fuller is interesting. If Jax loses another couple games do they sit Fournette all year to get him right?
  5. Thanks for answering mine but to be honest I’ve never done a keeper league and aren’t really sure how they work. but here is a bump!
  6. Yeah both are upgrades. Especially after TY comes back. The only problem is winston doesn’t play Atlanta every week so you have to temper your expectations a bit. Is there anyone with a horrible QB situation since your league is large? You might be able to do better? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/728423-mack-for-collins-whir-100/
  7. Much better than giving up TY. I like Breida out of this deal. Why does he want Miller lol?
  8. Stay as is. ODJ situation is garbage. Sanders has been steady even with Keenum sucking. Woods in the offense has been a top 3 WR I believe. mixon and white in ppr are better than Mccaffery and AP
  9. Breida. Miller has no upside and Foreman will be back to muddy the waters even more soon.
  10. Start Brees. Also I expect a good bit of Brees to Kamara bonus points. The Baltimore front 7 is tough to run up the gut on and I don’t see Ingram as the RB choice this week.