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  1. Thats what Im doing. Unless you have CMC, you are nuts not to start Jones.
  2. I have both too and have played both since Gordon came back. I won my playoff game last week and Im a game away from the championship game. Im not changing a thing. Goal line work doesn't mean much. Ekeler just took one 84 yards to the house last week and we have seen him score from outside the 10 or even the 20 multiple times.
  3. Would you rather have QB1 and RB19 and RB27 on the week or QB10 and RB4 and RB11? Which team scores more points 99 times out of 100? The average point difference between QB1 Lamar and QB9 Mahomes is a measly 6 point drop off. The average point difference between RB1 CMC and RB9 Ingram is 14 points. Thats a huge difference. Add it up. You are much better off with top 12 RBs and an average QB than the top QB and average RBs.
  4. What Im saying is that you can literally find a top 5-10 QB nearly every week to stream sitting on waivers. Tannehill, Trubisky, Goff, Darnold....these have all been top 5 QBs within the past few weeks and have all outscored Lamar the past two weeks. Can you find top 5 RBs or even WRs sitting on waivers right now ? Hardly. You only need 1 QB in standard leagues and there are 32 starting QBs, but you need to start 2-3 RBs and WRs. Its just simple math that you need the RBs and WRs way more than QBs. QBs are not important in FF, its been proven time and again and that's why everyone waits till the 7th round or later to take one. So going back to my original point, Lamar is not the fantasy MVP, its CMC.
  5. im not talking about 3rd string backup QBs, use your brain. I’m taking about guys like Tannehill, Brissett and Carr etc...all who will most likely be on everyone’s waivers and all had better games than Lamar last week. In fact, Tannehill has been QB3 since becoming the starter in Tennessee and he’s out scored Lamar in 2 of the last 3 weeks. He’s on most waivers. QBs are interchangeable in fantasy.
  6. yep, they are interchangeable but not having a backup going into the playoffs isn’t smart. I had one QB on my roster all season until a few weeks ago. You obviously have to plan differently for the playoffs. I drop a WR and RB in favor of a backup QB and TE weeks before the playoffs start.
  7. Why wouldn’t you already have a backup QB? Especially when you have a running QB who are much more prone to injury?
  8. Anyone who knows FF knows you would take TWO RBs before you ever touched a QB, Lamar included. A team with two top 12-15 RBs goes a lot further than the team with Lamar and two RB2/3s. I have two top 5 RBs and have been streaming QBs most the season, Im still alive. Lamar owner is gone, Watson owner didn't even make the playoffs. QBs are not important in FF. But yes, if you took care of your RBs and played in a league with bad players and got Lamar that late, that's a steal. Lamar was gone by the 3rd in most leagues with people paying attention.
  9. I never said Tannehill was as good as Lamar lol. What I said was QBs are not important in fantasy, they are interchangeable, assuming you draft correctly. Take a look at my team in my sig, I drafted correctly and made a good trade. Don't need a QB. You can stream QBs and win championships, you can't stream RBs and win anything.
  10. We all know RBs are far more valuable than QBs. You must be new to FF.
  11. #1 fantasy RB CMC 354.1 points #9 fantasy RB Mark Ingram 190.9 points Again, QBs are interchangeable and not important in standard leagues, especially PPR leagues. Thats why RBs go very early and QBs are usually 6-9th round picks. Fantasy 101 "bro". You can stream QBs all season and win a league, Ive done it. How far will you get streaming RBs? yea....
  12. ...and I can guarantee you that CMC will be on a lot more fantasy winning teams than Lamar will. A fantasy RB like CMC is far more valuable than any QB unless you are in a super flex 2 QB league.
  13. Looking at your team, Ekeler is your MVP, not Lamar. Dude is RB3 in PPR and he's been a backup the last two months. QBs are interchangeable, you must be new to FF.
  14. I was replying to the guy who said Lamar was the fantasy MVP. QBs are never fantasy MVPs for the reason I just laid out. Rarely does the winning team in fantasy leagues have the best fantasy QB. I had Mahomes last year and got beat in the championship by a guy streaming QBs. QBs are interchangeable in fantasy “bro”
  15. actually, Gordon would be a great fit in KC. Ekeler isn’t very effective carrying the ball. Most coaches see him as a complimentary piece next too a more traditional RB, same way Chicago uses Cohen.