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  1. Should've went with my gut and started fitzpatrick over dak..wont even win 3rd now
  2. At least you make the finals...this is shaping up to be the 5th time in 6th years i get a bye..my team craps the bed in the semis and ends up winning 3rd place..
  3. 3 straight 1st place reg finishes..3 byes and bounced in the semis 3 straight time...thanks to tannehill slayton and sanders while hopkins and arob have done nothing..they still have kamara and michael thomas to go as well
  4. Have these guys for 5 spots 1 pt ppr Julio Keenan Allen Stefon Diggs Robert Woods. Derrick Henry Nick chubb Aaron Jones Gotta start two WR 2 RB and a flex leaning towards Julio Keenan Henry Chubb Woods Thoughts?
  5. Wow....won by 10 ..deebo came through and Jimmy G came up small!
  6. Didnt think id have a microscopic chance of winning but still up 7 at half..i have deebo and he has Jimmy G
  7. What a crap week..went in a huge favorite..then aaron rodgers and saquon completely sucked and of course i play against golden tate and kyle rudolph...even DEMARYIUS THOMAS had a good game against me....i needed this win bc i still have three tough matchups and byes to deal with it. Bye playoffs
  8. Could be worse...im going against rudolph who my opponent just picked up this morning..was a 25 pt favorite going into this matchup..now a 10 pt dog
  9. Need 41.5 from dak/barkley 1/2 pt ppr and 5 pts per td pass. Thank god i didnt play rodgers so i least have a sliver of a shot
  10. This is me this year..hunter henry saquon christian kirk gurley and now dissly
  11. So I basically did a terrible job drafting RB Depth. With Saquon out and Justin Jackson out..I need to chose out of this sad group Malcolm Brown (i already have Gurley) Ito Smith Gus Edwards Tremayne Pope (interesting dart throw if he gets garbage points) CJ Prosise and TJ Yeleon are other options as well 1/2 pt PPR..who would you take a flier on?
  12. Keep flip flopping all week between these guys Who would you use as a wr3 and flex DJ Metcalf Latavius Murray Mecole Hardman Christian Kirk 1/2 pt ppr. Leaning towards kirk/metcalf