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  1. We do this as well, started doing this a couple years ago
  2. 6th straight week to lose a guy in game to injury..this time it's Jonnu..gotta be a record in our league. Also love the fake Montgomery TD that would've helped only for Foles to sneak it in
  3. I know it's early but another typical craptastic start from my 1-4 soon to be 1-5 pathetic squad. 28 first quarter points between the Bears, Lions, and Titans..Golladay and Jonnu did absolutely nothing and Montgomery has minimal yardage. James "League Winner, consistantly ranked in the top 10" Robinson..1.8 YPC..Justin Jefferson nothing..and as I finish typing this another non Golladay Scoring Drive from the Lions...I really HATE this game
  4. LOL..it just never ends..thanks to COVID postponements and bye weeks I was forced to start Pascal. Glad to get his 2 catches for 15 yards, which is still 4 times what Dionte Johnson got me.
  5. I have no clue why I continue to play this game. It's the most frustrating thing ever. 1-4 here we come. Dionte hurt during a game (AGAIN) Hopkins doing nothing against the crap Jets, James "League Winner" Robinson..shut down and thanks to a TERRIBLE play call loses a fumble. JAMISON CROWDER is outscoring my early players combined. I HATE THIS GAME
  6. No the game has been moved to Monday
  7. Yeah I saw that, think I'm going to pull back on him and just see what happens. Then use either White/Patrick
  8. Forgot, Pascal was also out there, would you think about him?
  9. Injuries and byes have me scrambling for a flex play this week. Can't decide between Patrick, White, Jackson, and Vaughn. It's a half point ppr. I imagine the safest play would be White?
  10. I love that I drafted smarter than usual (James Robinson and Justin Jefferson in the late rounds..and even kept Jefferson around when normally I would've bailed after a couple weeks) and made smart pickups for TE after Gronk was failure (Jonnu then Tonyan after losing Jonnu to the postponement) and it still doesn't matter because of injuries (Saquon, Golladay, DeSean Jackson, Dionte Johnson) and COVID (losing Johnson and Corey Davis as options) I'll be 1-3
  11. Everything else is 2020 sucks..might as well be the worst start I've ever had in fantasy. It's already over this week. Going to be 1-3. Hobbled Hopkins, Wilson can't do crap against the DOLPHINS while he has Lamar, Mark Andrews and Dalvin Cook..they'll probably beat me on their own
  12. This is so maddening beyond words. Started the season with No Golladay, lost Saquon week 2, Dionte Johnson, DeSean Jackson leave mid game in week 3 (in a week I lose by 9 points), this week Hopkins is a game time decision while the Titans-Steelers postponement takes out Jonnu, Corey Davis and Dionte as options. IF for some reason the Chiefs-Pats is postponed that will take out James White as an option...I hate this season
  13. A few seasons ago..wasn't there a game that ended up being played on a Tuesday Night? Vikings/Eagles I believe? I don't think there was any hitch fantasy wise
  14. Really sucks when you already feel like you're just playing out the season for nothing in WEEK 3. I never fielded a fully healthy team. Lost Golladay for the two games..lost Barkley after week 2, and now Golladay is back but Dionte might have a concussion. Unbelievable