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  1. We get 5 keepers at any position. The forwards I'm keeping for next year are Benn, P. Kane and Tarasenko with Werenski on D and Price as my goalie. I'm selling the rest of my team because I have 0 shot at making a legitimate run in the postseason because my defence sucks and my goalies are under performing. Should I trade Voracek for a 5th round pick if I'm not keeping him anyways? Or is that undervalued based on how he's playing this year. With our scoring system, he's currently tied for the 6th highest scoring forward. Also looking at shipping out guys like Trocheck, Jaden Schwartz, Barkov, and Dougie Hamilton. What should I be asking for as far as draft picks or packages for better keepers?
  2. Lost in the wildcard last week, after finishing as the 3rd best team this year, because of 2 teams that arent very good. I put up enough points this week to have won either semi final matchup so I'd be headed to the finals. Ask me how salty I am.
  3. I'm pushing for the playoffs. He sends me Gurley/Julio both are super high draft picks. I send him Jordy who is a 9th round keeper. He gets my 3rd/5th round picks for his 10th/16th round picks. Then we swap 2nd/4th/24th rounds so he moves to the beginning of those 3 rounds and I move down.
  4. Full PPR. Out of these players I need 1 TE, 1 WR and 2 Flex spots. Jordy, Marvin Jones Joe Mixon Jack Doyle, Cameron Brate Right now I'm leaning towards benching Jordy for Marvin Jones and starting the rest..which kills me to say because I love Jordy. I just don't know if I trust his QB too much.
  5. I was thinking that I'd need to offer a more too. Julio and Gurley are both going to be first round keepers next year so he can't keep both, and out of the two I know for a fact he wouldn't keep Gurley. He's on pace for having the third overall pick next season so I could see him wanting to have an open first round draft spot as opposed to keeping someone. I was thinking sending him Jordy, a 12th round pick, and a conditional 8th round pick that becomes a 6th if I win the league, and a flex starter OR Kenny Golladay whose a 23rd round keeper, for Julio, Gurley, a 15th and a 20th. Is that better?
  6. I do want to make him a fair offer and get this deal done. Is Jordy and an 8th a good place to start or is that pretty lopsided? He's a good fantasy player so I'm not going to be able to TR him.
  7. I'm making a playoff push right now and I'm trying to make a deal with a guy who is out of playoff contention. I'm offering him Jordy Nelson (9th round keeper) and a pick (I'm thinking around 6th-8th round). He would sent me Julio and Gurley who both don't have good keeper value. Is there anything I should change to make this a good trade for the both of us. I would definitely consider adding a second or third pick to the trade too.
  8. I would be getting Hyde in this deal. My other QB is Brees and my other RB are Crowell, Coleman, Perine, Henry. Should I make this trade? I feel like I shouldn't have to ask but I'm unsure.
  9. Depends on the scoring format. Probably Coleman no matter what.
  10. I'd call it collusion. In my league, if you do stuff like that, the commissioner fines both members draft picks for the following year. Probably not okay unless you run it by your league.
  11. Would you guys do Sanders for Mixon straight up? I'd be overloaded at WR but would this be a good idea if I could then combine 2 WR for a good RB/QB/TE?