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  1. Completely agree, if healthy, he's got a shot to be the #1 guy this year. Pretty remarkable the numbers he put up last year while playing with a broken finger.
  2. He had a 2.93 xFIP and more strikeouts than Walker Buehler. Even in a down season, he provided value.
  3. He was very good last year. He went into the year the #1 pitcher so maybe expectations skewed our view; but he was very good while on the mound last year. Maybe a bit unlucky.
  4. He had an absolute worst-case scenario nightmare season... and still put up a2.93 xFIP with 218 strikeouts (more than Walker Buehler). He is going too low in drafts in my opinion.
  5. He was completely healthy in 2017 and 2018. Maybe the injury concerns are a little overblown.
  6. May is the next Walker Buehler. May easily, not close.
  7. Ditching his change-up for a splitter. For all you pitching experts out there, how does a splitter pair with his elite four-seamer and curve-ball? From my understanding, the splitter drops vertically which would make it redundant with his super sharp curveball? I am by no means a pitching expert, so hoping to get some input with guys with more expertise than me. Thanks
  8. I was offered Terry Rozier for my Larry Nance Jr.; I accepted. The other manager has too many guards and needs a big man. The commissioner in my league flipped out and disparaged the trade... the league voted and the trade was ultimately vetoed because it was "detrimental to the league" The point of contention for many was the fact that Larry Nance was dropped when he got injured... and for me to pick him up and then deal him a month and a half later is unfair. In terms of the players, I don't really care all that much. I think nance will feast once TT gets dealt (he's been fantastic this past month). Rozier is no superstar, I think they have comparable value. But, on principle, I think this is absolute bullshit. What should I do?
  9. The front-runner to win MVP. Dolla Dame is unstoppable right now.
  10. Nance is the right answer. Top 50 potential with consistent playing time
  11. I prefer Beal over PG. i think George will miss more games than Beal down the stretch.
  12. The man has been an absolute cheat code this past month. Hopefully Feb will be as good as Jan.
  13. Top 80-100 his ceiling? How does that figure? I think that's his floor. He's got legitimate top-20 upside. He contributes in every single counting stats and his %s should improve as he keeps working on his shot. I remember people sleeping on a former #2 pick after a season and half... Brandon Ingram? Lonzo will be a stud for years to come.
  14. If he doesn’t play today then something is super fishy. That knee is worrying the he’ll outta me. Who says he hasn’t had an MRI Yet? Just cuz the wolves haven’t been transparent? They’ve been shady the whole way. Guarantee he had an MRI and guarantee there was some damage there. He wouldn’t miss over a month otherwise.