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  1. Potential stud if he can get full-time play. I think his ultimate upside is Pete Alonso 2.0 But I don't think he'll get full-time play, the dbacks will probably try Lamb at DH before Cron based on how they treated him and Rojas last year.
  2. I haven't been following this saga too closely but a friend of mine told me that teams are saying they stand to lose money this season if they pay the player's prorated salaries (and fan attendance revenue is zero). If this is the case, why would the MLB even have a season? The only reason to rush back in to a season is the economics of it. Again, I'm not totally informed so please feel free to correct me. Maybe the losses of not playing are much greater than playing with negative profitability. Im not sure.
  3. Should still be ready to go by the time the season opens up. But it's never a great sign when an player is dealing with two different injuries at once.
  4. I guess I should re-phrase. How much **should** I give up? Whsr type of player is the appropriate value? I think Strasburg is too much, clearer Mcneil is not enough.
  5. How much more do I need to add on to Trout to get Acuna in a keep-forever, dynasty league? I tried adding Jeff McNeil but got rejected. He is asking for Strasburg.
  6. if only he was traded to team that needs pitching.....
  7. I'm not sure if this was a serious post, but Happ has a .459 xwOBA on contact. That's elite. Places him comfortably as a top 20 hitter
  8. When he makes contact, he is one the most dangerous hitters in baseball. If his approach change last year continues and with a resulting mid-20s strikeout rate, were looking at a possible .900 OPS guy. As a guy with 2b, 3b and OF eligibility in yahoo, he is a must-have at his ADP.
  9. I agree.... Pistons schedule is a trash bag
  10. With all due respect... and I mean no offense... you are a trash bag of a poster and you are probably a trash bag of a human being. Absolute fool.
  11. You must be a lot of fun at parties... It's a joke dawg. Relax, don't take life so seriously
  12. Casey is a trash bag coach. And probably a trash bag human being. Absolute fool.
  13. Completely agree, if healthy, he's got a shot to be the #1 guy this year. Pretty remarkable the numbers he put up last year while playing with a broken finger.