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  1. Kershaw certainly isn't old for an SP. Same age as DeGrom. The volume point is certainly valid, hes gonna give you 180 IP vs 200+; but then again very few SPs are gonna give you 200 IP. And conversely, 2019 could be considered the outlier rather this season. Even so, 2019 was a pretty darn valuable season which indicates how high his floor is. A lot of the guys ahead of him have a way higher risk to flame out; at worst, Kershaw is an ace.
  2. I'm curious why Kershaw isn't in the top 5 discussion. Both his ceiling and floor are extremely high. I think there's a reasonable consideration to have him #4. And it's not like he's a greater injury risk than the consensus #4 guy right now (Darvish)
  3. I think Betts floor is probably higher than Acunas. Err, who knows? So many great options
  4. I had Acuna #1 but you have me re-considering now. Great post.
  5. I don’t know what you’re referencing, but the profile looks incredible to me. He’s one adjustment away (launch angle) from being a superstar bat.
  6. I think people are forgetting Yelich is coming off Knee surgery. I think he will come back strong next year. Bellinger, I too am less confident but he's still a worthy first round talent in my opinion
  7. How can Tatis be a generational talent when two of his peers are better than him? stop introducing irrelevant white noise to the discussion. And things I didn't say. But whatever, you don't think bichettes a first rounder, I do. Agree to disagree
  8. I I too have no interest in engaging in dialogue where you backtrack on your points and then conflate two different statements to paint a false picture.
  9. 1. So what? 2. Based on what? Media hyperbole and narrative? Comparable major league numbers. And Bichettes minor league resume is better. Don’t misconstrue this as a Tatis slander post, because it’s not. He’s awesome a deserves to be a top-5 pick.
  10. You realize Tatis hasn't yet posted a full season of stats either, right? And going into this season he was a top 15ish guy with less than 100 games played. My rationale is simple, I see a potential #1 overall type player with a pretty safe floor given all the available data. I'll take that all day with a top 15 pick; and again, in a experts mock draft, he was taken 10th overall... so I may not even get him at that price.
  11. I think Mookie gets second base eligibility at some point next season. The dodgers love their flexibility and Mookie looked quite good there in his one start.
  12. Based on his career stats to date, he's on a full season pace to put up 35 HRs with 18 Steals and a .310 batting average with elite run and rbi production on that deep jays line-up. That is easily a first rounder. Not to mention the fact that he's 22 and only going to get better. He went 10th overall in a recent 2021 mock draft done by the fellas at nasty cast (and reputable fantasy analysts like Eric cross and Chris Clegg). I think if he had a full-season without the injury, we'd be talking about him in the same conversation with Tatis
  13. 100% agree. I think deGrom may get taken #1 overall in some drafts too.
  14. For all my other fellow eliminated managers, I thought it’d be fun and helpful to take a look at next years projected first round. (5x5) Here is my take: Ronald Acuna Mike Trout Mookie Betts Trea Turner Fernando Tatis Jr. Jacob deGrom Juan Soto Shane Bieber Trevor Story Christian Yelich Cody Bellinger Freddie Freeman Bo Bichette Gerrit Cole Jose Ramirez Honorable Mentions: Bryce Harper, Manny Machado, Alex Bregman, Rafael Devers, Francisco Lindor What does your projected first round look like?
  15. Bo is my #4 SS after Turner, Story and Tatis. I don’t think he and Tatis are that far apart but Tatis gets a lot more hype