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  1. I like AJB. He has been a stud. Thanks for mine
  2. I like Mack but that's tough to go away from Jones Help with mine
  3. I would go Washington and Boone. Help with my Boone problem
  4. Tough one. I am in a similar situation. I think I'd go Washington. Help with my Boone problem
  5. Tough one. I would go with Boone Help me with my Boone problem
  6. Definitely Adams Allen and Parker Thanks for mine
  7. I would stick with Sander also Help me out with my Boone problem
  8. I would go Ekeler Help me out with my Boone problem
  9. I also have both and am going with AJ help a brother out
  10. PPR. Boyd playing the Dolphins. Looks like Boone will be the man against the Packers.
  11. Need 2 of these 3: AJ Brown- on fire but will be matched up with Lattimore Anthony Miller- also on fire but playing KC's tough pass D Tyler Boyd- Dalton loves him and playing the Dolphins, but Dalton could put up another stinker Help a brother out and leave a link so I can help you.