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  1. I like AJB. He has been a stud. Thanks for mine
  2. I like Mack but that's tough to go away from Jones Help with mine
  3. I would go Washington and Boone. Help with my Boone problem
  4. Tough one. I am in a similar situation. I think I'd go Washington. Help with my Boone problem
  5. Tough one. I would go with Boone Help me with my Boone problem
  6. Definitely Adams Allen and Parker Thanks for mine
  7. I would stick with Sander also Help me out with my Boone problem
  8. I would go Ekeler Help me out with my Boone problem
  9. I also have both and am going with AJ help a brother out
  10. PPR. Boyd playing the Dolphins. Looks like Boone will be the man against the Packers.
  11. Need 2 of these 3: AJ Brown- on fire but will be matched up with Lattimore Anthony Miller- also on fire but playing KC's tough pass D Tyler Boyd- Dalton loves him and playing the Dolphins, but Dalton could put up another stinker Help a brother out and leave a link so I can help you.
  12. Rest of Season. Both have injured RB1s they are backing up. KC has a tougher schedule but that offense is amazeballs, but Thompson has to share with Shady. Would love some opinions.
  13. I have both and may need to drop one if I can get Brian Hill off waivers (it's doubtful though).
  14. Jamaal and Shady for sure. Thanks for mine.
  15. Ebron has the highest floor. I'd go with him. Thanks for mine.
  16. With Dede out, Chris Conley is in line to get a lot of work against the worst passing D in the league. But I would have to bench either Mike Evens or Keenan Allen. HELP PLEASE!!!!!
  17. I would do it for sure. Kittle is the man. He is going to break out soon. Plus you get some good help. help me out please
  18. Hyde way over Royce for me. help me out please
  19. I don't think you can count on him to be consistent. He will definitely have a good game here and there though. help me out please