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  1. I have the same choice. I’m in standard. Leaning towards Williams now.
  2. I’m starting him over Samuel in std. hopefully they run more being up and Mahomes coming off an injury.
  3. Should I blow my fab on him in a shallow league? Don’t need him now but for the playoffs.
  4. What’s his long term outlook? Trade for him fir the playoffs?
  5. How low is his floor? I play 3wr s is he too risky?
  6. Is his upside held down by the bills offense? He’s my 5 th wr in a 10 teamer. Should I drop him for someone with more upside?
  7. I have Barkley but I also have gurley Lindsay and McCoy d Williams. so it would be for the last spot on my roster
  8. Hill side also fir me. As long as you can wait till he gets back. Not sure what your roster looks like
  9. 10 team std mccoy j brown (buf) dj moore
  10. Worth a playoff stash? 14 vs sf 15 vs ind 16@ ten
  11. 10 team standard. last bench spot. not loooking for this week who has the better chance ros?
  12. I’m thinking about starting over Golladay. Giants d doesn’t look good.