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  1. Yup. I win consistently in fantasy baseball, hockey, I even won fantasy basketball my first year. Football is the one I can't lock down.
  2. Most posts in here are pretty positive, ready for the poop train? 10/12 (Main money league) 7/10 (Yahoo Pro) 10/10 (This one was a keeper league and I had no keepers, so whatever) Worst year I've ever had, I usually at least make the playoffs. I just always draft pretty bad, this time it was especially bad and couldn't make up for it. And injuries too...
  3. Without a doubt it's OJ Howard. The guy was drafted in the 5th/6th rounds and you can't even start the guy. Most of the other "busts" at least have a bit of value still.
  4. If you told me the Tennessee Titans were going to end my season at the start of the season I would have lol'd. Ryan Tannehill and Derrick Henry dropped about 80 points on my face, and I had a massive lead that required a game like that for my opponent to come back. Oh, Derek Carr got me a solid -0.8 fantasy points during Kyler's bye, which was also necessary for this ridiculous loss. See you next year boys, I'm going to grab a Pepsi.
  5. Hmm, the Ravens to get obliterated by the Rams so the defense is deep in the negative? Yeah, not gonna happen...
  6. Yeah, Carr basically ended my season.
  7. Hopefully all holding calls are made by robots in the future. Holding bots, yeah!
  8. I hate holding so much sometimes. Refs just call it whenever they feel like it...
  9. You're going to bench Hopkins? If I have a player with his talent level I will never bench them, I don't care how dire the match-up looks. Will he likely have a poor game? For sure, still not benching Hopkins.
  10. Absolutely, it's just the nature of the game. Each play only lasts a matter of seconds. There are way more players on the playing surface than the other 3 major NA sports, which adds many variables. Also, injuries are more common in football that any other sport. I could keep going on but you get the idea. It's much easier to predict outcomes of baseball and even hockey which are my two other favorite fantasy sports. I win very consistently in fantasy baseball and hockey, not football.
  11. So many 1st down runs, I can't stand it. Is this 2019 or 1999?