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  1. Just lost on a garbage time Amari Cooper TD. Fun times.
  2. Love how the Cowboys still have Cooper/Zeke in down 28 points...
  3. Josh Jacobs & David Johnson, what a sweet pair to have this week.
  4. This^ Will never own that turd again. Also, first round of playoffs I have to go against the most immaculate pitching ever. 63 innings, 7 wins, 81 K, 2.31 ERA, 0.88 WHIP. Can't believe that happens in the COVID era, that's hard to do during a normal season. Oh well, it was a crapshoot season anyways.
  5. Was not expecting to see him active today! Hopefully he can help us out by powering our teams through the playoffs.
  6. Oh my bad, I meant my personal fantasy season hah. Probably going to barely lose some offensive categories that are essential to me making the playoffs in the final week. I have a few Padres and Giants hitters so I'm pretty screwed.
  7. Season potentially derailed because of the Giants +COVID test postponing the games. Sucks, but that's how it goes this year, total crapshoot.
  8. He looked great out there yesterday! I had a feeling he was going to thrive with the Texans.
  9. Gary Sanchez put your right hand behind your back.... basic stuff
  10. I have not, I didn't grow up playing baseball, otherwise I probably would. I get it, I grew up playing hockey and we have some silly unwritten rules. Here's the thing. You mention "calling off the dogs", why didn't the Rangers do that in the Orioles game 13 years ago? This is why I find it so ridiculous. Some of you are okay with running up the score all the way to 30, but a guy can't swing 3-0 up 7? Blows my mind.
  11. Hahahaha, point proven. You think 30-3 is okay but Tatis' 3-0 swing is not? You must be trolling.
  12. Not holding anyone in a 60 game season, next year he will be money.
  13. In 15 years of watching baseball, I've never heard of this ridiculous "unwritten rule". I thought hockey had a lot of unwritten rules, but wow, baseball is a whole new level. How about the pitcher learns how to throw strikes? Then maybe you wouldn't give up grand slams? Just a suggestion. Some of these baseball guys are the biggest, whiniest babies in all of sports. My god, it's like they're being coddled like children. Get over it! Also, what makes this okay if a 3-0 swing up 7 isn't? (watch below) It's the Texas Rangers that did it also!!! 😂