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  1. Chubb, play your studs. Thanks for mine!
  2. Washington for me. He received a ton of targets last time he played as the lead back.
  3. In half PPR I would go with Perriman.
  4. This, altough it is a close one for me between Jones and Sanders.
  5. I would go with McLaurin. Bigger target share % and Giants leaky secondary. Not sure what Perriman's role will be this week.
  6. Washington for me. Mattison will probably share the load with Boone if he plays. Thanks for mine!
  7. Boone, Perriman and it will be between AJ and Fuller. Fuller for the upside, AJ for the floor.
  8. I would go with the Steelers, but it is close. Denver would be my 2nd choice.
  9. Boone for me. Perriman has a bigger chance to bust imo.