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  1. It looked like Miles didn't even know he was injured. He was in on the 2-point attempt and only reacted after faking the handoff... like he was surprised when he noticed it. Honestly didn't seem that bad, but who knows with the Eagles.
  2. He apparently can't run routes well. But in an offense designed around creating space for easy catches/routes + YAC he'd be an absolute monster... so like SF or LAR for example would crush people with someone like Patterson.
  3. That's good and all... but instead of planning for all outcomes and reacting accordingly as a fantasy team manager, why can't I just: 1. Complain about my valuable early round pick being effectively a GTD. 2. Have the commish change the rules to benefit me right now. A literal unfair advantage, if you will. 3. Fall back on "well the rule change applies to everyone" for the rest of the season. Seems great for me. Can't lose out on the rule change. It benefits me right now, and if it benefits others later, cool it was fair. If it doesn't, also cool, I effectively get to cheat. Seems way easier tbh.
  4. Yeah... inclined to agree with your sentiment. What we're seeing right now is Cam learning the offense as he goes, with only a couple of months in the building... and a major lack of offensive talent around him. That's absolutely insane.
  5. 5:18. Not gonna lie... this commentary from Gruden is unexpected and pretty hype. Not a single negative thing said while clearly indicating that Robinson is the starter and that he will be involved on some passing downs as well. Now all he has to do is show up week 1. He's clearly being given a big opportunity.
  6. Wait what. I saw Williams block low and spend most of the play on the ground, both knees both hands on the turf. He got called for holding? Interesting that they also didn't show that replay either.
  7. Brate getting 14 targets is just silly. Howard plays part in an unfortunate play, then gets frozen out of the gameplan... and then Brate gets more targets than the TEs have combined in the last couple games. It's like Brate is getting used specifically to spite Howard today.
  8. Good thing we all made the wise decision to 'cuff Lockett with Gordon.
  9. I like Austin but let's not pretend they're interchangeable. Gordon has a significant size advantage. It means a lot.
  10. Since the middle of last season, I think week 8 (when Rodgers publically declared that Jones was the guy), hes been a top 5 RB overall and clearly in the same tier as Dalvin. I agree the perception is strange.
  11. I'm old enough to remember back when Jones was the worst football player in the NFL and Jamaal Williams was about to take over the Packers backfield with his elite skill.
  12. So you state hes playing poorly and cite boxscores while misrepresenting the nature of his scoring plays. I reply by showing you actual footage of his play on some of those TDs that fully contradicts your assessment, then indicate that his lack of raw production is a product of usage not quality of play. And your rebuttal is to quote more boxscore related data? So you're basically admitting you dont actually watch the game? Or at least haven't bothered watching Aaron Jones play this season or last? Okay.. Edit: and you're basically holding his "one yard" scoring plays against him. If he was bad and playing bad why would he score with such regularity when given the chance? Is he not supposed to score on those plays because they're not as sexy as from farther out? If he doesn't score you'd hold that against him too so I dont see how this can be a genuine argument.
  13. Nothing about these scoring plays look like what you described. He demonstrates strong vision and elusive movement. Your rhetoric implies he's some plodder getting 1 yard goalline TDs off of power runs up the gut. He actually moves very well in space and often rips off large chunks of yardage as both a runner and a passcatcher. His usage is inconsistent, his actually play isn't. He passes the eyeball test with flying colors. You're so far off from reality that its straight up dishonest.