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  1. Perfectly fine if someone already has one which has some open spots as well.
  2. I just joined one similar to this today. I am actually looking for one more. I am thinking free dynasty league with a minor league farm system. Could keep it on google spreadsheets. If there is enough interest on this post it could get rolling based off that. Anyone else interested?
  3. Interesting post about this league. But in a 16-20 league I think there has to be more teams to make the playoffs. I could see 8 teams making the playoffs. The only thing I am hesitant about is the amount of teams in the league.
  4. I am interested in a free dynasty league as well. I have done dynasty leagues with the google spreadsheets. I think espn, or yahoo would work. Because it’s still some time left a slow draft could definitely work. I have seen some leagues download the groupme app, and guys post their picks in there. We really already have enough interest to get something going here.
  5. I just joined. Everything looks great. Thanks for the invite.
  6. I am very interested in this dynasty. I do have a couple of questions. Is there anyway that you change personal fouls to another category like double doubles? Or at least put it up to a vote. I just don’t see the point in personal fouls. It would cater to a team with less big men in my opinion. Also to how many do we actually keep every year? A lot of these dynasties do 2-3 round rookie draft each year, and keep all but 2/3 players. That way the teams at the bottom can at least add some type of talent each year to improve. My email is if a spot is still open.
  7. I got spots for both of you. Invite is sent Evdoggie. Need your email Captain Falcon.
  8. Invite sent. Welcome to the league. We are about half full already some haven't joined yet.