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  1. Would you guys give up Melvin Gordon for Chris Carson?
  2. I would drop Gould and McDonald and grab Jimmy Graham (Rodgers just said Graham and Adams need more touches and the coach agreed) and I would grab Gonzalez. Arizona is struggling in the red zone but frequently getting there. Thanks for the help on my post.
  3. Honestly I would stay put. I think as the year goes on Gurley will see more work but if you really want to make a move I would go for David Johnson and pick up Edmonds to handcuff Thanks for the help on my post!
  4. Aaron Rodgers Josh Jacobs CMC Davante Adam's Mike Evan's Terry Mclaurin Waller DeSean Jackson Alshon Jeffery Lesean McCoy Tevin Coleman Mike William's 10 team league.
  5. Philip Rivers Christian McCaffrey For Austin Ekeler Melvin Gordon Julio Jones Standard league.
  6. This guy blows this season. I knew his days of racking up yardage was done but it seems the TDs are over too
  7. I just traded Devin Funchess, Ekeler, & Adrian Peterson for Melvin Gordon
  8. I would drop Brieda for Mack. Breida is always injured and still splits work with Morris and now Mostert. Melvin Gordon has the hamstring issue which had limited multiple players this season which could lead to more work for Ekeler.
  9. Sorry for the late response. I'm from the Kelce thread. Anyways. Don't waste your waiver wire on any of those guys. Grab Mostert and Tre'Quan when the waivers clear.
  10. Keenan has the better floor and ability to blow up due to second half schedule. Diggs has been busting lately.
  11. He hasn't declined at all. They're playing from ahead so they're controlling the game with the RBs and short passes to Allen. He hasn't been a TD dependent receiver his whole career other than his rookie season. Maybe he gets more TDs second half or maybe he doesn't. No one knows, but I'm willing to assume he does.