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  1. 24 points from Russ to make playoffs. Clutch time...
  2. .5 ppr league, I am so torn on who to start at flex. I have been starting Mixon every week with hope but feel it finally might be time to bench him. Dorsett is on my bench and looks to be in the position to have a big bounce back game with them playing the Jets and Gordon likely out. Thanks in advance for the advice.
  3. Weak at WR with no clear choices IMO. 0.5 PPR. Pick 2: - Robert Woods - D.J. Moore - Tyrell Williams - Phillip Dorsett
  4. Hmm either Samuel or Williams, leaning Samuel because no injury and lots of targets last week.
  5. 12 Team - 0.5 PPR QB: Wilson WR: Woods WR: Moore RB: Ingram II RB: Mack TE: Kelce Flex: Mixon Notable Bench: - T. Williams - R. Freeman - P. Dorsett Part of me knows I'm weak at WR but part of me also really likes having 3 stud RBs. Halpppp