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  1. League 1: Kamara, Mixon, Henry League 2: D Williams League 3: QB: Baker Flex: DWilliams Def: Tenn Thanks for mine
  2. I would go with Allen, Jackson has a tough matchup. Here’s mine
  3. Here are my options: Jax @Mia Mia vsJax Cowboys vsTB Patriots vsBuf Falcons @Car Must pick one, let me know!
  4. 10 Team PPR, 2QB League: QB: Andrew Luck QB: Sam Darnold (Just lost Cam) RB1: David Johnson RB2: Tarik Cohen WR: Davante Adams WR: Stefon Diggs WR: Robert Woods TE: Gerald Everett Flex: Phillip Lindsay Flex: Damien Williams Def: Between Jax, Mia, Cowboys, Pats, Falcons....really not sure yet. K: Jason Meyers Going in without my top 2 picks Hunt and OBJ, lost OJ Howard at TE, and just lost Cam...wish me luck
  5. pulled the trigger and started him over Odell at the flex after his grim-sounding injury news and....MAN I LOVE YOU DAMIEN! LEAGUE WINNER!!!!
  6. Yeah, we can all go home now. You’ve won this thread
  7. I was mulling over the same decision earlier, but it’s an easy start for Cohen. He’s been too good this year to bench him for someone with this many question marks
  8. Yeah man I understand haha, it didn’t really bother me too much, I was just making an observation. I’m in the same boat so I shouldn’t be complaining😅 good luck to everyone being forced to fire him up
  9. lol yeah I know. Just kinda panicking after having to go into the semifinals possibly w/o my top 2 picks (Hunt, OBJ)
  10. oh i don’t know, just about everyone that comes here looking for an actual outlook for tonight’s game and not everybody’s personal roster decisions..