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  1. Out of the 3 I would roll with Mariota. He always puts up decent numbers and is a better QB than your other options
  2. I’d stay put on that trade. I like Cooks over Jones and Doctson might have good chemistry with Smith. Maybe wait it out a week or 2 then decide
  3. Who would you recommend picking up for the 1st round pick? Got pick #6 for the draft. Drop your links and I’ll return the favor.
  4. Go with Keenan Allen because of PPR. The Bills have been an absolute disaster lately.
  5. I like Darkwa here. Like you said, the wind will be a big factor limiting the pass. Darkwa has been trending upwards lately.
  6. Thanks for helping mine. I like Ginn this week, Josh Norman will be covering Michael Thomas leaving plenty of room for Ginn to get open.
  7. Derek Carr vs NE or Alex Smith vs NYG? This one is a toss up, both great match ups. Could use some input from you guys so please drop your links and I will return the favor!
  8. Go with Fitzgerald for sure. Even without Palmer, There's no denying the talent of Fitz
  9. Can play 2 out of the 3. Joe Mixon vs Jaguars Sterling Shepard vs Rams Marvin Jones Jr vs Packers
  10. Ekeler is likely trending up more than Burkhead, roll with him
  11. That's a real tough call but I say you go with Cooks just based on matchup
  12. Willie Snead vs Bears: still questioning starting him until he proves he's back in business. Tyrell WIlliams vs Patriots: great matchup, only thing that is holding me on starting him is the return of Mike Williams. Plus he has received 6 targets in past 3 games
  13. I think that's giving up alot for Shady, who has been only decent in terms of production this season. Lynch has pretty much played just as well as Shady (with the exception of 2 poor games) and Diggs has been phenomenal even with Bradford out.
  14. Thanks for the help with mine. Start Cousins forsure. Although Wentz has been playing great lately, Cousins is coming off a BYE and facing the 49ers at home, it's a no-brainer.