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  1. It’s a fact bro. Look at the coaches 🤦🏻‍♂️
  2. Seems like the perfect storm for everyone to start Dion Lewis only for Khari Blasingame to go for 125/2td
  3. Up 6 points my Gerald Everett vs. his Bobby Woods
  4. DJ has been absolutely horrible rushing the ball this year. The only reason why he’s still in the picture is because of his pass catching ability
  5. you guys “tempering expectations” are funny. had Tomlin challenged the play where Samuels scored last week everyone in here would be foaming at the mouth calling him a RB1. instead you all look at the line and focus on how he won’t see 13 targets. watch the games people.
  6. he’s been hurt. that would mean he’s been inconsistent.
  7. where he was drafted doesn’t make him a stud. production and consistency makes him a stud. maybe next year in Tampa Bay
  8. it was a joke. You’ve been waiting weeks to quote and be right.... about a joke. smh
  9. must be as strange as how much time you spend on these forums