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  1. Lockett 9 total targets in weeks 4/5 combined. Metcalf 17 targets during the same span. Metcalf owners have nothing to cry about so far this season.
  2. Benched Lockett for Claypool in my flex. Wanted to see one game of the splits w Metcalf after the bye and the combined nine targets in wks 4/5 scared me off of him this week.
  3. Killing a few DFS lineups. No looks? Haven't watched.
  4. Unf***ingbelievable. Respectfully, Connor had two shots for that TD.
  5. I think he's still good enough of a runner that his presence in a single back set doesn't tip off the plan automatically. Add in his receiving and pass pro skills and you can see why Reid might be excited to have him. If he gets holes like CEH got last night, he'll make something happen with those opportunities. I don't think this is another McCoy situation.
  6. Man, I hope so. Been a while since I've seen him w that level of blocking.
  7. So much for the KC O Line not being able to run block.