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  1. Deep dive Reggie begelton was trending up on sleeper a few days ago too
  2. Or vice versa How would tanny have done with Dion Lewis in the backfield instead of Henry? Yes, poking the bear passes the time. CMC for President 2020.
  3. In other news AJ McCarron is an I jury away from starting. 2 QB leagues can put him on their watchlists next to colt mccoy
  4. The other guy said best offensive player in the league cmc over ljax I know cmcs all around game is better than Henrys 100% no doubt about that. Blows him away in ppr and half ppr fantasy leagues and probably always will. Its ok to say cmc didn't have as good of a team as Tennessee but baltimore doesn't have that excuse with Lamar jackson. It's not like henry and tennessee had a better offense or defense than Baltimore and henry steam rolled them and Lamar jackson. We all agree Henry is a different beast. He might come out on 3rd down some but his mere presence in the backfield turned Ryan Tannehill into a top 3 NFL QB and got Marcus Mariota to the 2nd round of the playoffs. Should Henry get no credit for that? Anywho, couldn't resist poking the bear again when I saw cmc vs jackson as best offensive player and the Titans rode Henry further than either of them went and straight over top of LJax. P.s.s. cmc still the best fantasy RB no doubt.
  5. Meh, another guy led his team further in the playoffs than either of those guys... CMC hands down #1 fantasy player for sure.
  6. @I Can Has Roethlisberger? I offered you a trade if you got time to accept it. Very friendly for you.
  7. Tua might not start so mbs got the seasoned vet QB. I got who I wanted though. People hating on the kupp and Taylor trade let's see what Drake and ruggs do first.
  8. @I Can Has Roethlisberger? Sent you a message with a trade request.
  9. @mbs4 I sent you a trade offer on yahoo, it won't let me PM you here on rotoworld
  10. He haggles that's for sure. I see iron cocks point about Taylor for Ruggs, I have Drake higher than kupp so I feel like that makes up the difference. I didn't know this was a super flex league, I couldn't see that till the league was activated or id have taken tua over taylor. Having RBs of Mixon, Drake, and Hunt gives me some good pass catchers. If Ruggs is more Tyreek and less John Ross then it's a pretty fair deal. If Ruggs flops and Taylor becomes a hall of famer then naturally I lose.