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  1. Would be interesting to see watson for tua and 1..3. Texans could get tua and potentially Devonta smith and the dolphins get Watson.
  2. That's the truth. That's why I'd trade him for all he is worth and just rebuild.
  3. I personally like Watson but I don't think any player should dictate who is coach, GM, President and Owner. If I'm houston I'd sell him for all I could get and just start over.
  4. Tagovailoa went 6-3 as the team’s starter, completing 64.1 percent of his passes for 1,814 yards with 11 touchdowns and five interceptions. “We learned that he’s healthy. He still has a lot of his mobility. He’s accurate,” Flores said. “In the Arizona game, he brings us back in the fourth quarter. He brought us back in the Kansas City game. He also didn’t play as well in other games. He had some bright spots and not so bright spots. That’s the life of a rookie. If he continues to learn, study, stay healthy, get stronger, work on his footwork and his eye progression and pick up where he le
  5. And over twice as many interceptions as Tua. I'm just saying to exercise a bit of patience.
  6. 1st season coming off of hip surgery, no training camp, no preseason. I think a little bit of slack can be cut for not coming out of the gate as hot as 16 year vet Ryan Fitzpatrick. Especially when you research Chan Gailey and Ryan Fitzpatrick's previous history together. He was without a doubt more comfortable calling plays with Fitz than with Tua. I think that played a part in some of Tua's erratic play. If you want to sell Tua I'm sure plenty.of people would trade for him but I wouldn't be giving up on his talent so fast because he showed plenty coming off a hip injury and all t
  7. Do you mean in college? Tua's offensive coaches in the NFL have not been very good.
  8. Rookie year Josh Allen had 10 touchdowns and 12 interceptions in 12 starts in 2018.
  9. Scaredy cat players won't put their names on their quotes. 🐈
  10. He will be drafted in 2021 based on how he looks this postseason. Whether that is right or wrong does not matter, it's what most people will remember heading into the 2021 season. If he looks good in the chiefs next 3 games then his stock will rise and the opposite is also true, if he is average or terrible his adp will drop.
  11. If you can't succeed with Chan Gailey as your OC in your rookie year, with covid, no training camp or preseason then you are obviously a bust and the organization should move on. Solid analysis. I'd rather exercise some patience and see what OC they hire and what WRs other than jakeem grant, Lynn bowden, Mack Hollins and sometimes Davante Parker they get for Tua to throw to.
  12. Rest up big fella, time to lead the team to the promised land again next year when you get Taylor Lewan back and a better defense. Not much you can do when they got 8 and 9 men in the box, that's when the QB needs to make a play. Hats off to a HOF caliber season.
  13. So is Henry. Was amazing to see Barry Sanders recognize Derrick Henry' accomplishments.
  14. That's an interesting question but I think not simply because the offense has stabilized a bit since Henry has become the centerpiece, I do think the Titans need to get a capable backup that can really run the playaction well because the fake to Henry is part of what makes Tannehill so succesfull but I do see the concern because of how Henry looked at times when teams didn't respect the playaction pass. I do think that would be a major concern if I were the Titans and I'd be looking to acquire a guy like Gardner Minshew to back up Tannehill this off-season. But right now the Titan
  15. Kamara wasn't great in 2019, Henry was superior. Again, Kamara has dropped off fantasy production with Hill at QB, those are the facts. If you think Hill will progress into a better QB for Kamaras fantasy stats then that is certainly an opinion. Another opinion is that Kamaras downward trend with Hill at QB continues as we have seen previously. Kamara has benefited from having a HOF QB and coach for his entire career so comparing early career stats to the last couple of seasons is somewhat irrelevant since we are focused on what each might do going into 2021. While Kam
  16. That's an interesting opinion that lacks any facts, just what you think will happen vs what we all watched happen with our own eyes. I would be wary of drafting Kamara with a top 3 pick if Brees were to retire. With Henry I have no such concerns. His workload is predictable. TDs tend to fluctuate, it will be very hard for Kamara to repeat 21 TDs and almost impossible for him to do if Brees retires. If Taysom Hill as his QB he could have as few as 8 since he only had 2 in the 4 games hill started this season. That's is some volatile fluctuation for a potential top 3 pic
  17. You don't want to disregard the facts do you? They both have appeal to their games but if Kamara's production falls off a cliff with a QB not named Drew Brees then that is worth taking note of since Drew would be 42 years old next season. Combine that with how unlikely it is for Kamara to repeat 21 TDs then it's easy to see how he could regress to the mean next year and maybe worse if Brees is not the QB and even worse than that if Taysom Hill ends up starting for NO.
  18. A 6 TD game certainly helped him. 2021 will be a new year and I'd think Kamara is due to regress some from that 21 TD number, that number could drop into the lower teens if Brees retires. He had a good 2020 thanks to Brees dump offs but his fantasy value being so high is tied to Brees and those dump offs. Weeks 11-14 when Taysom Hill was the starting QB, Derrick Henry almost tripled his rushing and TD production and had the same amount of receptions 👀
  19. He was phased out pretty good with Taysom Hill at QB. He better pray his HOF QB comes back so he can maintain his value.
  20. Congrats on being named ALL PRO. Best RB in the NFL deserves it. 👑👋
  21. Good stuff. I'd just like to add kamara's #s without Brees this year: 241 rushing yards, 6 receptions, 2 TDs In 4 games. Yikes.
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