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  1. Assuming the O-line actually shows up, I fully expect he/they will bounce back.
  2. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's definitely my Achilles heal. But, I just hate it when I give up on a guy, someone else grabs him and he goes off for like half a season! Patience may be a virtue in the real world, but it can be your down fall in FF for sure!
  3. Yup. I'm holdin' until I see how this backfield shakes out after their bye. Dobbins could still emerge, and week #8 could be the perfect time.
  4. He should do very well IMO. Giesiki and Gaskins should both get a lot of high percentage targets. And Gaskins should also benefit from a lot of dump-offs. They're also gonna wanna maintain a running game to take the pressure off a rookie QB. His arrow is definitely pointing up. Now might be a great time to try and trade for him with him on a bye.
  5. Thanks Fitzy. Not what I wanted to hear, but thanks anyway.
  6. So, if he's declared out for TNF, would that happen today?
  7. And up til now that's exactly what he's been for me. I didn't draft him to be my #1 or even #2 RB. Still, the potential is there. It's mind boggling how or why they don't see that.
  8. [...] I agree his short terms value is RB2/Flex and with injuries and byes that's valuable!
  9. You might wanna rethink that one my friend.
  10. Bingo! That is EACTLY what this issue is. Many mentioned it in the off-season, but I ignored them. Man, were they ever right! SMH...
  11. +1 for JayMycal Hasty with Mostert going to the IR.
  12. I know, right?! Makes zero sense to me too.