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  1. RB, Bears GM Ryan Pace said David Montgomery can be the team's "featured back" and "carry a heavier load" in 2020. That's assuming the Bears opt to run more next season. Montgomery wasn't truly leaned on until midway through the year but still out-carried Tarik Cohen by a whopping margin (242 to 64), finishing as the overall RB24 in PPR leagues despite pedestrian marks (242/889/6, 3.67 YPA). Still lacking a complementary bruiser behind him, Montgomery would ultimately need to catch more than just 25 passes to garner unequivocal RB2 status. Taylor Gabriel's recent release could shift Cohen into a more slot-friendly role, though, providing further fruitful usage directly out of the backfield for the sophomore runner in his follow-up campaign. SOURCE: Jeff Dickerson on Twitter Feb 25, 2020, 10:31 AM ET
  2. Bingo! For Drake to have RB1 potential, DJ will have to go elsewhere and Arizona will have to make some sort of commitment to Drake as the unquestioned starter. He has the talent, he just needs to opportunity.
  3. ESPN Cardinals reporter Josh Weinfuss believes the team could release David Johnson this offseason. The Cardinals will have to swallow a significant amount of money in order to make that happen, however. With the CBA expiring, there is no such thing as post-June 1 cuts as we stand here on February 5. Therefore, teams cannot push cap charges into the future. Releasing Johnson would create $18.3 million in dead money. Johnson turned 28 in December and dealt with various ailments this past season while also not fitting seamlessly into coach Kliff Kingsbury's system. There likely won't be a trade market for him. SOURCE: Feb 5, 2020, 11:07PM ET Report reads "could" be released, so it's not a given. That said, I think anyone that saw how much better Drake was in that same offense realizes the DJ's days in 'Zona are likely numbered. Drake is also a UFA, so there's that. Will be interesting to see how this all plays out.
  4. Wonder how this might impact Montgomery... BILL LAZORC, CHICAGO BEARS Bears hired ex-Bengals OC Bill Lazor as offensive coordinator. Lazor was out of the league in 2019 after serving as the Bengals OC in 2017 and 2018. He previously also worked with the Dolphins, Eagles, Seahawks, Redskins and Falcons. Lazor's main job will obviously be improving Mitchell Trubisky's generally-erratic play. It remains to be seen if he'll call plays. RELATED: Cincinnati Bengals SOURCE: Ian Rapoport on Twitter Jan 13, 2020, 5:52 PM ET
  5. QFT. Nagy is his biggest problem/obstacle moving forward.
  6. May be time to start a new thread for 2020, but more importantly it may be time to move on from DJ. That's where I'm at anyway. It's looking like his 2016 season was an anomaly. I just don't see how you can see it any other way at this point. That said, something just doesn't add up. There's something from last season that just doesn't make any sense. Was he injured? Is his head not in the game anymore? Did he get complacent because he got paid? Has he in fact lost a step and is not a good schematic fit for that offense anymore? I don't know, but I'm done with him moving forward. Unless he gets traded to a team that is a better fit and/or he is the undisputed lead dog, and I just don't see that happening.
  7. This is totally shooting from the hip, but what about the Raiders? Is there any better way to kick off their new stadium in Vegas than with a 6-time SB winning QB as the new face of the franchise? The Vegas tourism PR/Marketing team would be falling all over themselves coming up with all kinds of crazy deals and game day packages to include stays at all the luxury hotels and casino play time. Can you imagine what ticket pricing would be?!
  8. Yup. The only thing I will add is they will also add a QB to groom for the future, either through the draft (likely) or FA (unlikely) to replace Brady when he finally does decide to retire (in 2023 perhaps?). Brady is God to the NE faithful and he obviously still wants to play. No way NE let's him walk IMO. Question is does Brady take a team friendly deal? Or, does he try to cash in for one more monster deal? That my friends is the BIG question.
  9. He had visions of scoring a TD. Too bad he didn't catch the ball first.
  10. Nice goal line stand by Tennessee. Now let's see if they can get the O going.
  11. Zona's FO is gonna have to make some tough decisions re; the RB position this off season. But, it looks like Drake is tailor made for this scheme.
  12. Quite a game out of The Drake today. He didn't do much in the receiving game, but 137 rushing yards and 4 TD's...woo-hooo!!!! I think we know who the starter is...LOL.
  13. Is he still the starter? That's what I want to know.
  14. Would have to be on another team IMO. I just don't think he fits the mold of what Kingsbury wants in a RB. Drake's a better fit and I'm guessing gets a new contract with them. Think they'll be looking to move DJ in the off-season.
  15. Well, wet surfaces typically favors the receiver because he knows the route. But, if heavy snow that has to downgrade all skill positions IMHO.
  16. So, is he still considered the starter in Arizona? Looks like a split backfield after last week, no?
  17. Yeah, I keep waiting for him to turn into a pumpkin, but he just keeps balling out. I haven't watched the Titans games, but guessing he's getting good play from his O-line? If so, that is probably a big part of his success, because he was always playing behind a sive of a line in Miami and never had any time to throw. It also helps to have a back like D. Henry to establish the running game. Look, I always liked Tannehill as a player, so I'm definitely pulling for him. Hope he continues to do well in Tennessee.
  18. Disappointing game. He had opportunities.
  19. Well, I'm not looking for the safe play this week. I'm looking for the upside play. But, that's just me and my particular situation. But, I think you could still make an argument that he has stand alone flex value today. I just don't see Cook getting the Lions share of the carries, and then there's the match-up. There's also the likelihood that the Vikes get up early and use Mattison to bleed the clock. So yeah, I think he's flex-worthy this week. JMHO...
  20. Anyone else rolling the dice with Mattison today? I'm flexing him in the hopes he gets more PT than usual with Cook dinged up. I also don't buy Cook being 100%.
  21. I also sat him last week, and won in spite of it (thanks D. Parker!). Sitting again this week. The targets are not there and it's a tough match up, and still with a 3rd string QB playing. So, you're basically counting on a big play. Shaky floor with a high ceiling play. What do you need this week, that's the question.